Friday, May 30

Xbox One: Taking a screenshot in next update

Microsoft improves from month to month the interface of Xbox One with the introduction of updates, but there are still some features that players would find including the ability to make screenshots.
A netizen asked Phil Spencer on Twitter, who said that this feature is in the list of many things to integrate and it will arrive in the next monthly update of the console.

  1. @XboxP3 any plans to bring the ability to share in game screenshots to say social networks? I.e twitter?
@jmarris09 Yea, this is the list for the monthly updates, team is making great progress on the updates. More features to come.
A great initiative to be listening to the players and see the concrete each month on the Xbox One.

Tuesday, May 27

Xbox One: external storage faster loading times

The first beta version of the update in June is available for testers for this weekend and they have already been able to make some interesting discoveries. The first concerns the redesign of the Xbox Store menu and the second is a little more hidden . Indeed, it is a NeoGAF user , Hawk269 , which reports that loading time of his games have improved greatly since it uses an external hard drive , including a level of Ryse : Son of Rome launches 16 seconds faster . It is not alone in this, as many beta testers to report this gain speed on the private forum which is reserved on

The reason for this improvement is very simple to explain. The internal hard drive of the Xbox One is a 500 GB 5400 RPM SATA II actually quite slow and the connection is limited to SATA II transfer rate of 3 Gb / s ( 300MB / s). The USB 3.0 standard used by external hard drives is limited to 5 Gbit / s ( 625 MB / s) , so logically , using an external storage transfer speed than that of the disc content on the Xbox One, your win games in loading speed .

From the day of deployment of the last final day in 1406 , presumably before June 9 , so you can significantly reduce the loading time of your games selecting a fast external hard drive. It is not life grand?

Xbox One: the beta update 1406 gives its first details and FAQ of the external storage

It was during the weekend that the lucky winners for the beta testing program updates the system Xbox One day could download the first version of the update in June. As announced by Microsoft , storage via external hard drive, display real names and automatic connection without Kinect are present.

Little surprise discovery by browsing the menus of the console, the Xbox Store has been redesigned , it includes new features and categories Games , Movies , Music and Applications are now posted on the side. The search bar has also been moved, it now stands at the far right , under the categories .

Finally, Microsoft has released an FAQ on the external storage to further explain this new feature, while including some good news:

Q: What can I install on my external storage device ?

A: You can install games , downloadable content and applications on your storage device .

Q: Can I store backups of games on my external storage device ?

A: No. Backups are automatically stored on the cloud and synced to the console Xbox One .

Q: Can I use my external storage device to play music or videos ?

A: No. For the release of the initial version features external storage , multimedia files, including music and video, are not supported . We consider this for a future update .

Q: Can I copy or move a game from internal hard drive to the external drive ?

A: Yes . Discover the features of content management by going to the Manage page for games or applications.

Q: Can I use my external storage device with my PC and my Xbox One?

A: No. The external storage devices will be formatted for use only on Xbox One. The PC does not recognize created by Xbox One partition.

Q: Can I reformat my storage device from my Xbox One?

A: If you want to remove all your content from your device and start over, you can reformat the Xbox One. To do this, go to Settings > System > Storage Manager and select the external hard drive you want to format and select format . Once this is done , the Xbox One will consider it a new hard drive .

Q: Do I need to have my game disc when I go out of my house with my external hard drive ?

A: Yes . The external storage device does not replace the need for license for games. So if the game was installed from disc , it 's necessary to play the game

The good news is that it will soon be possible to play videos, music and photos stored on an external hard drive . In addition , the company is expected to announce the content of future updates during E3 , good surprises should still be waiting for you . Regarding this last day in 1406 , its deployment is expected before June 9 , to prepare the release of Xbox Kinect One free pack

Sunday, May 25

Xbox One: the first version of the system update beta in June approach

Although we are still in May , Microsoft is preparing to send the first beta version of the update in June for Xbox One to selected testers. It is through messaging console that lucky ones were warned deployment " in a few days ." This first beta is early because of the release on June 9 bundles without Kinect Xbox One , which require that the final version is online.

Indeed, this update , decked number 1406 - to June 2014 - will be compatible with external hard drives to add additional storage for games and DLC , the ability to display his real name rather than its Gamertag , the OneGuide for all and the possibility to automatically connect to an Xbox Live account without Kinect.

If you 're one of the beta testers , do not hesitate to come to realize news that you would noticed in this new version.

Wednesday, May 21

June System Update Walkthrough for Xbox One

MajorNelson has confirmed support external storage for the next update June Xbox One. This confirms the picture of the notification to connect an external drive that had been published last weekend. But this update will also provide new features such as the ability to display your real name to your friends universal remote with Smartglass, TV extended functions, etc ...

Here is the complete details of the changes of the last day of June of the Xbox One:

Support external storage

You can now expand the storage capacity by connecting the console to an external hard drive of 256 GB or larger USB 3.0. Once formatted, you can copy your games, applications and DLCs.

This is also an opportunity to bring its contents with a friend. You need to connect to Xbox Live home if he is content purchased online, or insert the game disc to verify that you are indeed the owner. Need to re-download the game to your friend.

A real name to identify your friends

As the video below shows , it is now possible to show your friends your real name and surname. it will be possible to set it all to define which of your friends can see your real name. Your name will not appear in the game , it will be only in the console interface , and everything will be set in your profile.

improved SmartGlass

Access to OneGuide and the Universal Remote Control will be available via SmartGlass in regions that offer . It will be possible to see all the features on your TV and set SmartGlass device and see your favorites on your phone, tablet or PC channels. With Universal Remote Control, it is possible to change channels , record, etc. .

Rearranging tiles

Another feature SmartGlass will be able to rearrange the tiles of your interface , as seen in the video at 3'20 .

Statistics and reporting

Always SmartGlass via a thread of activity and statistics will be available and a comparison module successfully . As on console, it will be possible to receive notifications when a friend connects to the console or starts broadcasting a video of an online game.

TV and OneGuide functions in more countries

TV functions and OneGuide available in more countries : Canada, France , Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. The update will propose OneGuide and additional TV functions for those who have their TV connected to their console via HDMI in. It is now possible to control your box via Kinect for example.

One Xbox Games with Gold

We already knew but this update will allow everyone , whether a member Xbox Live Gold or Silver, access to all console applications . Easy access easily show the benefits of being Gold , as having access to Games Gold ( One free and reductions Xbox ) program with

Automatic logon with an account

With this update , it will also be possible to choose an account with which the console will automatically connect .

Xbox One could be called " Xbox " and be white

During our stay in London at Microsoft , except Phil Harrison ( Xbox 399 € One : why now ) , we also had the opportunity to meet Carl Ledbetter , designer of the Xbox One. An interview during which we learned some interesting anecdotes development ...

The design of any device is a complex process in which collide visions , inspirations, trials, false leads and compromise.

Beyond aesthetics necessarily subjective element tititlle me for months. You can check : at any point of the machine, Microsoft's console is called " Xbox One." Instead , only the " Xbox " logo appears. There wondering if the machine had not failed to call it , I had to ask her designer ...

Carl Ledbetter smiled mischievously before answering :

Indeed , I believe that if there had not been the Xbox 360, we would have called this new console " Xbox " for short . We talked about it internally. There is a real logic behind it in order to unify the range. But we also had to show the changes compared to the 360 ​​.

At one point, we even wondered if we were not going to settle for the logo , you know the cross in the sphere. We also slightly modified compared to the Xbox 360.

Another question , where the Xbox 360 was launched in a dress "cream" , Xbox One has she been thinking in black from the start. Not so sure ...

To be honest, at first we tested a white Xbox One. But there was a problem. To maintain the unity which is crucial for us , Kinect also had to be white ... and under the TV, it just does not work. During our tests , the answer was unanimous. It snapped up the eyes of players. So we opted for black.

However, do not forget that a white model exists, reserved for employees ... and with a black Kinect elsewhere ( all exchanging dollars 2,700 on eBay ) .

So could you imagine such a large model public, if only to allow the selection, as Kinect is no longer required ? Carl smiled

Who knows, time will tell ...

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Tuesday, May 20

Xbox One: the Skype application can be anchored

A new update to the Skype application is available on Xbox One and finally it allows to anchor it in the interface. For this it is necessary to download the 51MB and you can use Skype playing, or watching TV or performing other activities. 
A handy feature to make such a video chat with a friend of Xbox Live and play a game together with the possibility to visually chambering ...

Monday, May 19

Microsoft - Phil Spencer: several announcements before E3 2014 and heavy during the show

Only a few days before the start of hostilities. E3 2014 is expected by the whole community and may be explosive . And because during E3 2013 we had the right to revelations of new machinery manufacturers , and this year , attractive and exclusive games will be the stars of the show.

Phil Spencer became the spokesperson for the Xbox division in a few weeks and teases players stating that various announcements will be made in the coming days .

Several things will happen before E3 2014 unique things that I want to show .

Our friend the day seems excited pointing out that the line-up of giant seems to operational eyeful . Everything can not be shown, so the company decided to say a little more before the show scheduled for June 9 , while reserving beautiful big surprises.

I know we will never be able to satisfy everyone. But we have new partners on stage, some old friends , it's nice to know that Xbox gamers look at us .

Not surprisingly, the development studio Rare is the game.

Rare has many good ideas for the next game I support the work of the team [...] and I do not push them to stake on a particular genre.

Confidence ... Phil Spencer thus gives carte blanche to the studio. Enough to give impulses ? And why not reboot an old license? Another point , it gives a few words about the future without Kinect packs and states that the camera will obviously not abandoned.

You will see new games working with Kinect . Harmonix has been a big supporter of the Xbox business and I want to ensure that their products are good .
He does not forget the PC aficionados by announcing that the Xbox One will soon be supported, but not that .

I am concentrating right now on the PC. It certainly will not be at E3 , but you will have more information during the summer.
Finally, and in accordance with its competitors, Phil praised advertisements of Sony Computer Entertainment.

I love Sony pubs, they have done a great job so far .

Heavy on approach ? The formalization of Halo 1, 2 , 3 and 4 on Xbox One? Further details of the next Gears of War? And what 's new for Xbox 360? Patience, patience ...

The outputs, Xbox One and Xbox 360 of the week

This is the return of a good old Xbox One license in 1080 p and 60 fps. The 360 is not forgotten either. Next week will be one of the blockbusters of the most anticipated of early this year, attention to the wallet.

Wolfenstein: The New Order. Output may 20 on One Xbox and Xbox 360
In short: Wolfenstein: The New Order gives to the taste of the day series that created the FPS genre. We are in 1960 and the Nazis won World War II. B.J. Blazkowicz war hero then embarks on a counter-offensive desperate against the monstrous nazi regime that has conquered the world. Intense, with an atmosphere and cinematographic staging - made with a luxury of details stunning thanks to the engine id Tech 5 id Software - Wolfenstein sends players across Europe in order to scuttle the Nazi war machine. Infiltrate heavily guarded facilities, battle legions of clad Nazis of hi-tech equipment, and grab the incredible weapons that allowed them to conquer the Earth - and much more. It is curious to finally test this game, returns are quite contradictory, from positive to negative, or the contrary, finally it is you who see!

Saints Row 4: the family jewels. Output may 22 on Xbox 360
En bref: En plus de l ' édition Game of the Year, Deep Silver propose cette édition gargantuesque comprenant le jeu et pas moins de 20 packs de DLC pour 30€. Commander-in-Chief Pack, Online Pass, Volition Comics Pack, Saints Row IV Season Pass, The Rectifier, Executive Privilege Pack, Brady Games Pack, Grass Roots Pack, Presidential Pack, Dusted, Gun (Remix) Pack, Wild West Pack, GAT V Pack, Enter The Dominatrix, The Super Saints Pack, Pirate Booty Pack, Thank You Pack, Element of Destruction Pack, Zinyak Attack Pack, Hey Ash, What are you Playing? Pack, How the Saints Save Christmas Anime Pack, Stone Age Pack, Bling Bling Pack, Reverse Cosplay Pack, GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge Game On College Daze, Merica Gun.

INFO or INTOX - YouTube acquires Twitch for $ 1 billion?

YouTube is going to obviously strike a blow on the table, according to several sources quoted by Variety , the industry would be heard with Google Twitch to provide the platform for watching streaming video games ( or games in general like big tournaments Magic: The Gathering) . The transaction would be "only" a billion dollars.

If YouTube and Twitch have preferred not to comment on the announcement of the deal could be done shortly shortly. YouTube - and Google - the acquisition would kill any competition despite their dominance in the market for internet video. Maybe compatibility with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is an opportunity that can not be refused . Anyway , YouTube has to go through the Federal Trade Commission that the deal is approved.

Founded in 2011 with $ 35 million raised from various and diverse investors (including Take-Two , for example) , Twitch will partner E3 for the next three editions and represents 1.35% of the North American bandwidth ( downstream ) . A percentage that has tripled since last fall and thus a popularity that has obviously caught the eye of YouTube.

Saturday, May 17

PS4 Xbox One dominates the U.S.

Since his arrival, the next gen PS4 a hit with 7 million units sold worldwide , and Xbox One 5 million consoles passed resellers . Sales are even above the previous generation Xbox 360 and PS3. The duel continues with sales figures in April in the U.S., which continues to dominate the PS4 .

For the fourth consecutive month, figures relayed by NPD Group and give the PS4 U.S. market leader . If Sony has not officially announced the PS4 figures for the month of April , so they are higher than the 115,000 sales announced by Microsoft for its Xbox One. In April , total hardware sales increased by 76%.

A note at the same time that Titanfall nevertheless remains the best selling months.

Liam Callahan, NPD analyst confided about sales of new generation consoles :

Sales of the PS4 and Xbox One more than doubled the combined sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 on their first six months of sales [...] sales PS4 and Xbox One games combined were up 40% compared to sales for PS3 and Xbox 360 on their first six months of marketing . Sales of Wii U games have increased by 80 % since last year.

Once dominated by the Xbox 360, the Americas seems to more seduced by the time PS4 . Note however the action of Microsoft, of offering a package of free Kinect console and could certainly change that in the coming months .

[Source: GamesIndustry ]

Xbox One: benefits , free games, the new offer Xbox Live Gold

As you know , Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it had revised and corrected the Xbox One offers by allowing players to get the console without Kinect camera for 399 euros. The U.S. giant , at the same time , the opportunity to also review the offer of online service Xbox Live Gold. Here is everything you need to know.

Determined to improve the Xbox experience , Microsoft adjusts its offer Xbox Live Gold bringing new benefits. These policy changes therefore relate the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Games with Gold with Gold & Deals

Already on Xbox 360 Games with the Gold system will make its debut on Xbox One in the month of June. Like the PlayStation Plus PS3 and PS4 , the Gold membership you will acquire free Xbox One games and Xbox 360. Moreover, the system with Gold Deals , discounts (up to 50 75 %) and offers will be made on the games available on the Xbox Marketplace .

Benefits without subscription

It will not be necessary to have subscribed to the Xbox Live Gold to enjoy entertainment applications for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One like Netflix, Hulu Plus , HBO GO , YouTube, Twitch , ESPN , NFL, Xbox Music or still Explorer , Skype, OneDrive , and OneGuide Upload Studio.

As you can see , Microsoft aligns with the Sony PlayStation Plus : a paid subscription to play online , benefits and discounts , plus free games at regular intervals , with Games with Gold and Deals with Gold.

Microsoft reminds at the same time it is possible to cancel the subscription . Players have indeed until 31 August 2014 to make and receive a prorated refund for the remaining unused days or the time of your cancellation and when the end of your paid Gold subscription.

To unsubscribe please follow this link : / liverefund .

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Xbox One: external storage happens, 1st photo

Since the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft will listen to feedback from many users and proposes thereafter have much improved the interface of the console updates regularly. However, an application that is often requested by players, it is the support of an external storage via USB to relieve the internal hard drive and it seems that this possibility be available soon since anonymous developer has posted Reddit on the photo below showing the inclusion of an external drive. 

A priori this addition should not happen to update Xbox One may, but probably during this summer if all goes well in the test phases.

Xbox One: the update is available

Microsoft has made available the night update May Xbox One and deployed automatically as and when in the day. But you can start downloading by going to "Settings-> System-> Update console" for the impatient. 
This update provides several fixes and additions such as sound control for chat or some improvements for Kinect. 
You will find full details here:

Xbox One: the update beta is available in May for testers

Friday, May 16

Pack Xbox One without Kinect: the aggressive comments and the trolls of diverse developers

What was the surprise players learning a price drop for the Xbox One. Indeed , Microsoft has decided to shelf pack without its famous camera, Kinect. In addition, first time buyers will not be entitled to compensation. Today, we make a point of different developers who spoke through their personal Twitter on the turnaround . Some of these reactions are rather extreme .

So let's start with George Broussard, one of the developers of Duke Nukem , who said in an incredible tone:

Kinect has always been a bit of sea . ** I am surprised and I encourage Microsoft to sell Xbox One without him. Excellent initiative. My faith back .

David Jaffe, known for licenses such as God of War or Twisted Metal worshiper of the PlayStation business, had fun teasing competition.

Puta . ** More Kinect ? Now , this is the board war ** (stupid analogy , but it is the case). Yes, I am very, very happy with my PS4 and a great defender and Sony fanboy .
Fork Parker at Devolver Digital ( Luftrausers , Hotline Miami ) will not be dead hand ...

Without Kinect, kids will grow.
Ed Boon, co -creator of Mortal Kombat , announces :

I heard Michael Patcher (Analyst, read elsewhere , ed) predict that there is not so long ...

Obviously, and thankfully, positive reactions also dot the web. James Stevenson of Insomniac Games , said:

It's great for the fans to have more choices. Personally, I use my camera every day with my Kinect Xbox One. This is super useful . I use it once a day , it is convenient to go to the essentials. For 399 dollars , you will have access to an impressive library , various media, and TV applications . It is a good plan.

Jon Shiring , Respawn engineer who worked on Titanfall , is delighted with the news:

I am for . I am excited to know that other people will play our game

Anyway , this is a good thing to leave the choice to consumers. And you ? Are you more for a pack with or without Kinect ?

Thursday, May 15

Xbox One without Kinect more powerful : Microsoft envisaged

Xbox Kinect is One without a reality since yesterday and it was a good thing to announce before the start of E3 2014 so that we can focus on what interests us all priority when buying a console games. Today we learn that Microsoft is currently in discussions with publishers about an increase in graphics performance of Xbox One that will run on consoles without Kinect.
Yusuf Mehdi , director of marketing and strategy , told Polygon that the team was currently reviewing the architecture of the console. We know that part of the power of the GPU of the console is reserved for Kinect. One example is what allows the console to be always "listening " and toggles an Internet Explorer page to a game or an application.
The console has a power reserve of GPU for the OS that manages the game , and it is the same for Kinect says Yusuf Mehdi . But once you get in the game is the game code that only runs . Yusuf Mehdi while they are in talks with publishers about what they could do about it , and ensures that they will soon talk shows . And if a performance boost of the console was announced at E3 2014?
The question is how all this could really work. And what about consoles purchased day -one with integrated Kinect ? Should we just unplug Kinect to benefit from a performance boost ? Would be a game "degraded" when the camera is connected? Still many questions to be answered .

PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft explains the difference in sales

It is undeniable, the PS4 and Xbox One familiar both a strong start . Real historical launches new consoles from Microsoft and Sony have emerged in our homes at full speed ... albeit with a distinct advantage in sales for the PS4 . Microsoft now gives his views on the difference.

Interviewed by Forbes, Yusuf Mehdi , Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios and Devices industry , returns to the duel between the two consoles.

To the question whether the original price of the Xbox One - far higher than the PS4 - had weighed on sales of these and if this new offer to 399 euros, without Kinect, will save field , here is his response :

It is really difficult to assess the difference in sales . They [Sony , Ed] in more markets than we do. They are in over 40 different markets, while we're at 13. People were more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3 , so in the short term they have less need to buy a new console through updates regular Xbox 360.

We could cite a number of factors. That said, we 've heard a lot of Xbox fans who told us "Hey , I want a Xbox One, but at $ 499 , I should probably wait a while before I take one. "

I think we talk to people who change console and Kinect buy later. So I think the price increases the attractiveness and , I hope , will help to bring more people to the Xbox One soon.

Another theme in the interview, the inability to sell the Xbox Kinect without One she was a mistake on the part of Microsoft ? "No" replied Yusuf Mehdi :

No, I think it was a good decision to sell the console with Kinect. At the beginning of a new generation of consoles , you try to set the bar for a new experience , and I think that's what we did with the Xbox One. The proof is in the use that is made. 80 % of people use Kinect, which is remarkable compared to the older generation. (...)

We were out of stock during the holidays season . I think it was a good decision (note: to integrate Kinect ) , but now is the right time to offer more choice to people who do not have the means to get that experience.

The future of Kinect being threatened now that the device is sold separately ? Publishers and developers do not they abandon the camera from Microsoft? "No" answers once again representative of Redmond :

I think in five years we will laugh any computing device that you could use without speaking to him . Voice Control will be present for all devices . We have been a pioneer in the living room with Kinect . And it is not that the voice is the voice and biometric identification. (...)

I must say that we made ​​this decision together with our publishers and partners. As you can imagine, we have strong relationships with them . We looked at the problem in the same way . We like Kinect, we love the way it works and its possibilities. At the same time , we also wanted a broader user base. Some games are articulate fully with Kinect and some are better when using Kinect, but you can also play properly without it. In each case , it is always the right choice.

To conclude, Yusuf Mehdi would have said the journalist Forbes now announcing the price reduction made, Microsoft would be able to focus on a Xbox One conference dedicated to games . For the record, the conference will be held June 9 in the preamble to E3

Xbox Live: refunds for cancellation soon possible Gold subscription

As the next system update , which will be deployed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in June , it will need to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold to enjoy entertainment applications such as Canal + , Orange TV , NBA Game Time , Netflix , Hulu and others. Therefore, many people had subscribed just for this purpose and which would make a termination.

Thus , Microsoft has changed the FAQ on Xbox Live Gold to explain all the changes to come. We discover until the next system update June day , it will be possible to everyone to request termination of its Gold subscription to be paid pro rata .

Will I be able to cancel my Gold subscription?

Yes. Once the system updates the Xbox and Xbox One day 360 will be available in June , subscribers to Xbox Live Gold who have purchased a subscription before that day may cancel and receive a prorated refund of unused each day from the date cancellation and the end day of their subscription. Cancellations and refund requests must be made before 31 August 2014 and will require six to eight weeks of treatment. Free subscriptions or demonstration are not eligible for reimbursement . To request your prorated refund , go to after the system update will be available in June.

This is a great initiative from Microsoft which includes a portion of Gold subscribers are not necessarily for the online game, but for the many entertainment options on Xbox. The firm would really finally listening to consumers?

Wednesday, May 14

Xbox One. Compensation for first time buyers ? Microsoft responds

Less than six months after its launch, the Xbox One hosts a pack marking the end of the obligation to buy the machine with Kinect ... and with a plane 100 € . Are compensation provided for first time buyers ? Obviously not.

In the past, when prices drop rapidly , some manufacturers like Nintendo had wanted to offer a small compensation to these initial purchasers who might feel wronged no one .

In an interview with U.S. website Polygon , Yusuf Mehdi (corporate vice president of Devices industry and Microsoft Studios ) clearly answers the question . Compensation is planned?

No. For us, the Xbox with Kinect One is the premium experience. Things that you are able to do with are quite magical . I think ( first time buyers ) are delighted with their use.

To justify the initial pack , and therefore price € 100 higher than the PS4 , do not forget that Microsoft had hammered Kinect integral part of the philosophy of One Xbox and repeatedly reminded that he was not expected to propose pack without Kinect. At least not as quickly .

Still, this decision allows pragmatically provide a machine to 399 € and respond to the expectations that many players .

Xbox One: Microsoft reconsider its console hardware

Microsoft announced the arrival of an Xbox One sold without Kinect, for 399 euros. Several questions then arise, firstly as regards the games with Kinect is mandatory, but also about the power of the machine sometimes.

Regarding the games, be aware that Microsoft will change the packaging to clarify that Kinect is mandatory for some of them. We therefore need to be vigilant in the future, if you want to buy the Xbox One without the famous camera.

But Yusuf Mehdi (VP of the Microsoft Entertainment Branch) was a little farther in the explanations to the Polygon site. Particular, we learn that the Redmond company is currently in train "to examine the hardware" of the machine, to possibly make some changes via an update.

Because you're maybe not aware, but the Xbox One very clearly share its power, and in particular that of its processor, between the bone and the games. This is also true for Kinect, to whom a part of the machine processor is allocated, about 8% according to the developers, which is far from negligible.

In proposing a console does not need to necessarily use Kinect, it would be possible for Microsoft to give more resources to other applications, and we can imagine that this power will be exploited by some games, but also by the OS.

What will really? Yusuf Mehdi still wishes to keep secret. However, we know that manufacturer exchanges with the developers in order to see what would work best for the machine, and how this new power could be intelligently used...

As since the beginning, the Redmond company seems truly listening to developers in relation to his new machine. We look forward to see the results now.

[Source: Polygon]

Xbox One: the Games with Gold will require an active subscription such as PS +?

Today, Microsoft has met many ads that therefore need not be made at the conference at E3. Among them is that concerning the Games with Gold on Xbox One, a program rewarding two free games per month (paid subscription) Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

While these games remain yours to life on Xbox 360, it might even though this is not the case on Xbox One. Indeed, at the end of the article published on Xbox Wire, a precise double asterisk that an active subscription is required to play downloaded games. Thus, the service on Xbox One would become similar to the one proposed on PlayStation 4, since the two games available are much more recent than those on Xbox 360.

Currently, Microsoft has not yet submitted on this precision of size. It is likely that the many questions, that the community will not fail to ask different frameworks of the Xbox division, will encourage the firm to quickly communicate to this subject. Perhaps before E3.

Xbox One without Kinect: "sales have nothing to do"

The big announcement yesterday, and of the week probably, or even of the month, it was the Xbox One without Kinect announced by Microsoft for release June 9 to €399. There are those who expected so that the price of the console down, and those who are surprised because the device has always been defended by officials of the company.

The sales figures have nothing to do with the announcement

Yusuf Mehdi explains that they have more than 80 million Xbox 360 in the world who want an Xbox One (it was he who said it, not us) and that many of between - them say that it is a problem of price, and that if Microsoft made its most affordable console, players would move more quickly to this new generation.

"It is therefore an opportunity to really make the thing easier for them and that they can go at their own pace.
We know that the console is selling well, and even better than the Xbox 360 in his time. But we also know that it is less wind than the PS4 to millions almost. And despite the obvious correlation of sales and this pack without Kinect coming, Yusuf Mehdi continues to deny the fact that the two are linked. "For us, it really was not because of this" he told Engadget.
"Firstly, it is a choice which we have already spoken. "' And secondly, the folks at Xbox have this feeling that at this stage, they have achieved their objective of" defining a new generation console ". "Therefore, go ahead has the sense (for Microsoft, anyway)."

Reading between the lines, we say that Microsoft wants to make its console more accessible, and all that so that it sells obviously more. In the end, compared to its rival console sales are certainly entered into play in this decision.

To a new interface

While we are told from the beginning that the console has been designed to work with Kinect, with voice commands for easier access to the various features of the console, one wonders what will become of it all without the famous camera/microphone.
"We want to find ways to give you access to some of these shortcuts and realize some of the things that we have with Kinect and make them easier with the throttle. You can expect that we put in places of things in the coming months to make the experience more and more easy, even if you do not have Kinect. »
The interface changes will not arrive before the E3 2014, but not long after apparently. What is certain, is that it is an announcement that we had not seen coming anytime soon while Microsoft claimed again a few weeks ago that Kinect was inseparable from the Xbox One.

Kinect Xbox One will be sold only

With the indentation of Kinect for Xbox One pack, Microsoft was of course going to offer the sale of single Kinect but it won't happen as soon as June 9. Indeed, Phil Spencer confirmed that the sensor would be available separately from next autumn.
He entrusted with IGN that the price would not exactly $ 100, can imply a price of $ 89 or $ 99. It also mentions that discussions about the withdrawal of Kinect began a almost a month ago, or towards the appointment of Phil Spencer at the head of the Xbox division.
With this announcement, Microsoft can now focus on the games at E3 2014 and this from the conference Xbox E3 2014, Monday, June 9 at 6:30 pm