Monday, May 19

The outputs, Xbox One and Xbox 360 of the week

This is the return of a good old Xbox One license in 1080 p and 60 fps. The 360 is not forgotten either. Next week will be one of the blockbusters of the most anticipated of early this year, attention to the wallet.

Wolfenstein: The New Order. Output may 20 on One Xbox and Xbox 360
In short: Wolfenstein: The New Order gives to the taste of the day series that created the FPS genre. We are in 1960 and the Nazis won World War II. B.J. Blazkowicz war hero then embarks on a counter-offensive desperate against the monstrous nazi regime that has conquered the world. Intense, with an atmosphere and cinematographic staging - made with a luxury of details stunning thanks to the engine id Tech 5 id Software - Wolfenstein sends players across Europe in order to scuttle the Nazi war machine. Infiltrate heavily guarded facilities, battle legions of clad Nazis of hi-tech equipment, and grab the incredible weapons that allowed them to conquer the Earth - and much more. It is curious to finally test this game, returns are quite contradictory, from positive to negative, or the contrary, finally it is you who see!

Saints Row 4: the family jewels. Output may 22 on Xbox 360
En bref: En plus de l ' ├ędition Game of the Year, Deep Silver propose cette ├ędition gargantuesque comprenant le jeu et pas moins de 20 packs de DLC pour 30€. Commander-in-Chief Pack, Online Pass, Volition Comics Pack, Saints Row IV Season Pass, The Rectifier, Executive Privilege Pack, Brady Games Pack, Grass Roots Pack, Presidential Pack, Dusted, Gun (Remix) Pack, Wild West Pack, GAT V Pack, Enter The Dominatrix, The Super Saints Pack, Pirate Booty Pack, Thank You Pack, Element of Destruction Pack, Zinyak Attack Pack, Hey Ash, What are you Playing? Pack, How the Saints Save Christmas Anime Pack, Stone Age Pack, Bling Bling Pack, Reverse Cosplay Pack, GameStop Warped Weapon Challenge Game On College Daze, Merica Gun.

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