Friday, May 16

Pack Xbox One without Kinect: the aggressive comments and the trolls of diverse developers

What was the surprise players learning a price drop for the Xbox One. Indeed , Microsoft has decided to shelf pack without its famous camera, Kinect. In addition, first time buyers will not be entitled to compensation. Today, we make a point of different developers who spoke through their personal Twitter on the turnaround . Some of these reactions are rather extreme .

So let's start with George Broussard, one of the developers of Duke Nukem , who said in an incredible tone:

Kinect has always been a bit of sea . ** I am surprised and I encourage Microsoft to sell Xbox One without him. Excellent initiative. My faith back .

David Jaffe, known for licenses such as God of War or Twisted Metal worshiper of the PlayStation business, had fun teasing competition.

Puta . ** More Kinect ? Now , this is the board war ** (stupid analogy , but it is the case). Yes, I am very, very happy with my PS4 and a great defender and Sony fanboy .
Fork Parker at Devolver Digital ( Luftrausers , Hotline Miami ) will not be dead hand ...

Without Kinect, kids will grow.
Ed Boon, co -creator of Mortal Kombat , announces :

I heard Michael Patcher (Analyst, read elsewhere , ed) predict that there is not so long ...

Obviously, and thankfully, positive reactions also dot the web. James Stevenson of Insomniac Games , said:

It's great for the fans to have more choices. Personally, I use my camera every day with my Kinect Xbox One. This is super useful . I use it once a day , it is convenient to go to the essentials. For 399 dollars , you will have access to an impressive library , various media, and TV applications . It is a good plan.

Jon Shiring , Respawn engineer who worked on Titanfall , is delighted with the news:

I am for . I am excited to know that other people will play our game

Anyway , this is a good thing to leave the choice to consumers. And you ? Are you more for a pack with or without Kinect ?

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