Tuesday, May 27

Xbox One: the beta update 1406 gives its first details and FAQ of the external storage

It was during the weekend that the lucky winners for the beta testing program updates the system Xbox One day could download the first version of the update in June. As announced by Microsoft , storage via external hard drive, display real names and automatic connection without Kinect are present.

Little surprise discovery by browsing the menus of the console, the Xbox Store has been redesigned , it includes new features and categories Games , Movies , Music and Applications are now posted on the side. The search bar has also been moved, it now stands at the far right , under the categories .

Finally, Microsoft has released an FAQ on the external storage to further explain this new feature, while including some good news:

Q: What can I install on my external storage device ?

A: You can install games , downloadable content and applications on your storage device .

Q: Can I store backups of games on my external storage device ?

A: No. Backups are automatically stored on the cloud and synced to the console Xbox One .

Q: Can I use my external storage device to play music or videos ?

A: No. For the release of the initial version features external storage , multimedia files, including music and video, are not supported . We consider this for a future update .

Q: Can I copy or move a game from internal hard drive to the external drive ?

A: Yes . Discover the features of content management by going to the Manage page for games or applications.

Q: Can I use my external storage device with my PC and my Xbox One?

A: No. The external storage devices will be formatted for use only on Xbox One. The PC does not recognize created by Xbox One partition.

Q: Can I reformat my storage device from my Xbox One?

A: If you want to remove all your content from your device and start over, you can reformat the Xbox One. To do this, go to Settings > System > Storage Manager and select the external hard drive you want to format and select format . Once this is done , the Xbox One will consider it a new hard drive .

Q: Do I need to have my game disc when I go out of my house with my external hard drive ?

A: Yes . The external storage device does not replace the need for license for games. So if the game was installed from disc , it 's necessary to play the game

The good news is that it will soon be possible to play videos, music and photos stored on an external hard drive . In addition , the company is expected to announce the content of future updates during E3 , good surprises should still be waiting for you . Regarding this last day in 1406 , its deployment is expected before June 9 , to prepare the release of Xbox Kinect One free pack

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