Thursday, May 15

Xbox Live: refunds for cancellation soon possible Gold subscription

As the next system update , which will be deployed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in June , it will need to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold to enjoy entertainment applications such as Canal + , Orange TV , NBA Game Time , Netflix , Hulu and others. Therefore, many people had subscribed just for this purpose and which would make a termination.

Thus , Microsoft has changed the FAQ on Xbox Live Gold to explain all the changes to come. We discover until the next system update June day , it will be possible to everyone to request termination of its Gold subscription to be paid pro rata .

Will I be able to cancel my Gold subscription?

Yes. Once the system updates the Xbox and Xbox One day 360 will be available in June , subscribers to Xbox Live Gold who have purchased a subscription before that day may cancel and receive a prorated refund of unused each day from the date cancellation and the end day of their subscription. Cancellations and refund requests must be made before 31 August 2014 and will require six to eight weeks of treatment. Free subscriptions or demonstration are not eligible for reimbursement . To request your prorated refund , go to after the system update will be available in June.

This is a great initiative from Microsoft which includes a portion of Gold subscribers are not necessarily for the online game, but for the many entertainment options on Xbox. The firm would really finally listening to consumers?

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