Wednesday, May 21

June System Update Walkthrough for Xbox One

MajorNelson has confirmed support external storage for the next update June Xbox One. This confirms the picture of the notification to connect an external drive that had been published last weekend. But this update will also provide new features such as the ability to display your real name to your friends universal remote with Smartglass, TV extended functions, etc ...

Here is the complete details of the changes of the last day of June of the Xbox One:

Support external storage

You can now expand the storage capacity by connecting the console to an external hard drive of 256 GB or larger USB 3.0. Once formatted, you can copy your games, applications and DLCs.

This is also an opportunity to bring its contents with a friend. You need to connect to Xbox Live home if he is content purchased online, or insert the game disc to verify that you are indeed the owner. Need to re-download the game to your friend.

A real name to identify your friends

As the video below shows , it is now possible to show your friends your real name and surname. it will be possible to set it all to define which of your friends can see your real name. Your name will not appear in the game , it will be only in the console interface , and everything will be set in your profile.

improved SmartGlass

Access to OneGuide and the Universal Remote Control will be available via SmartGlass in regions that offer . It will be possible to see all the features on your TV and set SmartGlass device and see your favorites on your phone, tablet or PC channels. With Universal Remote Control, it is possible to change channels , record, etc. .

Rearranging tiles

Another feature SmartGlass will be able to rearrange the tiles of your interface , as seen in the video at 3'20 .

Statistics and reporting

Always SmartGlass via a thread of activity and statistics will be available and a comparison module successfully . As on console, it will be possible to receive notifications when a friend connects to the console or starts broadcasting a video of an online game.

TV and OneGuide functions in more countries

TV functions and OneGuide available in more countries : Canada, France , Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. The update will propose OneGuide and additional TV functions for those who have their TV connected to their console via HDMI in. It is now possible to control your box via Kinect for example.

One Xbox Games with Gold

We already knew but this update will allow everyone , whether a member Xbox Live Gold or Silver, access to all console applications . Easy access easily show the benefits of being Gold , as having access to Games Gold ( One free and reductions Xbox ) program with

Automatic logon with an account

With this update , it will also be possible to choose an account with which the console will automatically connect .

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