Monday, May 19

INFO or INTOX - YouTube acquires Twitch for $ 1 billion?

YouTube is going to obviously strike a blow on the table, according to several sources quoted by Variety , the industry would be heard with Google Twitch to provide the platform for watching streaming video games ( or games in general like big tournaments Magic: The Gathering) . The transaction would be "only" a billion dollars.

If YouTube and Twitch have preferred not to comment on the announcement of the deal could be done shortly shortly. YouTube - and Google - the acquisition would kill any competition despite their dominance in the market for internet video. Maybe compatibility with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is an opportunity that can not be refused . Anyway , YouTube has to go through the Federal Trade Commission that the deal is approved.

Founded in 2011 with $ 35 million raised from various and diverse investors (including Take-Two , for example) , Twitch will partner E3 for the next three editions and represents 1.35% of the North American bandwidth ( downstream ) . A percentage that has tripled since last fall and thus a popularity that has obviously caught the eye of YouTube.

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