Saturday, May 17

PS4 Xbox One dominates the U.S.

Since his arrival, the next gen PS4 a hit with 7 million units sold worldwide , and Xbox One 5 million consoles passed resellers . Sales are even above the previous generation Xbox 360 and PS3. The duel continues with sales figures in April in the U.S., which continues to dominate the PS4 .

For the fourth consecutive month, figures relayed by NPD Group and give the PS4 U.S. market leader . If Sony has not officially announced the PS4 figures for the month of April , so they are higher than the 115,000 sales announced by Microsoft for its Xbox One. In April , total hardware sales increased by 76%.

A note at the same time that Titanfall nevertheless remains the best selling months.

Liam Callahan, NPD analyst confided about sales of new generation consoles :

Sales of the PS4 and Xbox One more than doubled the combined sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 on their first six months of sales [...] sales PS4 and Xbox One games combined were up 40% compared to sales for PS3 and Xbox 360 on their first six months of marketing . Sales of Wii U games have increased by 80 % since last year.

Once dominated by the Xbox 360, the Americas seems to more seduced by the time PS4 . Note however the action of Microsoft, of offering a package of free Kinect console and could certainly change that in the coming months .

[Source: GamesIndustry ]

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