Wednesday, May 14

Xbox One without Kinect: "sales have nothing to do"

The big announcement yesterday, and of the week probably, or even of the month, it was the Xbox One without Kinect announced by Microsoft for release June 9 to €399. There are those who expected so that the price of the console down, and those who are surprised because the device has always been defended by officials of the company.

The sales figures have nothing to do with the announcement

Yusuf Mehdi explains that they have more than 80 million Xbox 360 in the world who want an Xbox One (it was he who said it, not us) and that many of between - them say that it is a problem of price, and that if Microsoft made its most affordable console, players would move more quickly to this new generation.

"It is therefore an opportunity to really make the thing easier for them and that they can go at their own pace.
We know that the console is selling well, and even better than the Xbox 360 in his time. But we also know that it is less wind than the PS4 to millions almost. And despite the obvious correlation of sales and this pack without Kinect coming, Yusuf Mehdi continues to deny the fact that the two are linked. "For us, it really was not because of this" he told Engadget.
"Firstly, it is a choice which we have already spoken. "' And secondly, the folks at Xbox have this feeling that at this stage, they have achieved their objective of" defining a new generation console ". "Therefore, go ahead has the sense (for Microsoft, anyway)."

Reading between the lines, we say that Microsoft wants to make its console more accessible, and all that so that it sells obviously more. In the end, compared to its rival console sales are certainly entered into play in this decision.

To a new interface

While we are told from the beginning that the console has been designed to work with Kinect, with voice commands for easier access to the various features of the console, one wonders what will become of it all without the famous camera/microphone.
"We want to find ways to give you access to some of these shortcuts and realize some of the things that we have with Kinect and make them easier with the throttle. You can expect that we put in places of things in the coming months to make the experience more and more easy, even if you do not have Kinect. »
The interface changes will not arrive before the E3 2014, but not long after apparently. What is certain, is that it is an announcement that we had not seen coming anytime soon while Microsoft claimed again a few weeks ago that Kinect was inseparable from the Xbox One.

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