Wednesday, May 14

Xbox One. Compensation for first time buyers ? Microsoft responds

Less than six months after its launch, the Xbox One hosts a pack marking the end of the obligation to buy the machine with Kinect ... and with a plane 100 € . Are compensation provided for first time buyers ? Obviously not.

In the past, when prices drop rapidly , some manufacturers like Nintendo had wanted to offer a small compensation to these initial purchasers who might feel wronged no one .

In an interview with U.S. website Polygon , Yusuf Mehdi (corporate vice president of Devices industry and Microsoft Studios ) clearly answers the question . Compensation is planned?

No. For us, the Xbox with Kinect One is the premium experience. Things that you are able to do with are quite magical . I think ( first time buyers ) are delighted with their use.

To justify the initial pack , and therefore price € 100 higher than the PS4 , do not forget that Microsoft had hammered Kinect integral part of the philosophy of One Xbox and repeatedly reminded that he was not expected to propose pack without Kinect. At least not as quickly .

Still, this decision allows pragmatically provide a machine to 399 € and respond to the expectations that many players .

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