Monday, March 31

Games with Gold :games of the month of April

As usual, Major Nelson shows us the two games that will be free during the month of April as part of the Games program with Gold. From tomorrow until April 15, it will be Hitman Absolution (currently tarifié 19.99 €) which will be free for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. From 16 to 30 April, it was the turn of Deadlight (currently priced at € 14.99). What do you think of this program? For once there is no Tower Defense ...

Xbox One: news on internal Microsoft content very soon

Recently, Phil Spencer revealed that the 90 minutes allotted for the conference at E3 would not be sufficient as the number of games and content coming to Xbox One important. It is therefore possible that Microsoft Studios present their plans a little earlier than planned in order to leave more room for its partners in the high mass video game in Los Angeles. 

At first, Phil Spencer announced on his Twitter account that the last two weeks were devoted to "internal content" and promises very "soon" news. 
  1. @XboxP3 Any encouraging words for Xbox One owners right now? You are a gamer, give us something to be excited about without getting in troub
@BobFTW14 Without sharing too much I'll just say been focused on a lot of internal work stuff last couple of weeks, you'll hear more soon.
In a second time, he said that for the third game publishers, it was not until E3. 
  1. @XboxP3 CoD is great and all, big for Xbox but will we get some <3 with other 3rd parties? @Ubisoft @Bungie? Any new upcoming partnerships?
@BobFTW14 @Ubisoft @Bungie Any news on third party relationships would have to come at E3.
So we should have some juicy information about the future of our consoles before June. What do you see from Microsoft

Phil Spencer appointed to the head of the Xbox division

A new nomitation just performed at Microsoft since Phil Spencer is appointed head of the Xbox division also includes parts Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft studios. 

The post had been vacant since the departure of Don Mattrick last year with the appointment of new CEO of Microsoft, the new organization is being established gradually. 
It is hoped that the takeover will bring beautiful things, in any case, it is very focused on communication including on his Twitter account in which he meets regularly and reveals some information that we also take turns.

Metro Redux announced on Xbox One?

It is through the screenshots - that you can see below - that we learn of the existence of Metro Redux. A third installment of the franchise 4 A Games after Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light? No, simply a compilation of two episodes o destined for new generation consoles: Xbox One and PS4 (as well as on PC). According to the information given on these screenshots, downloadable content will be included and graphical improvements will be.

This compilation - which would be the first of the generation if linker DeepSilver formalizes the thing - is expected for the month of July. Are you interested in this Metro Redux?
DeepSilver has confirmed that Metro Redux on the official website of Metro: Last Light and adds an announcement will be made ​​at E3 about the next project new generation of 4A Games

Xbox One: soon ads Microsoft and third parties to the E3 2014

The period of spring is regularly conducive to ads with online focus E3 2014 to complete the ball.
Phil Spencer is entrusted on Twitter from a user that raised it the question of whether ads would soon be made. Therefore, Spencer responded that advertisements should arrive in a few weeks from Microsoft internal studios.

  1. @XboxP3 Any encouraging words for Xbox One owners right now? You are a gamer, give us something to be excited about without getting in troub
@BobFTW14 Without sharing too much I'll just say been focused on a lot of internal work stuff last couple of weeks, you'll hear more soon.

Following this response, another question came about possible ads with the third-party publishers. Phil Spencer said that ads with third party publishers would be made during the E3 2014.

  1. @XboxP3 CoD is great and all, big for Xbox but will we get some <3 with other 3rd parties? @Ubisoft @Bungie? Any new upcoming partnerships?
@BobFTW14 @Ubisoft @Bungie Any news on third party relationships would have to come at E3.
It is hoped previous editions as well as the Microsoft ads will be crispy these next few weeks, especially when the PAX East in mid-April, where the manufacturer is regularly present.
This promises an exciting E3 2014, and a reminder that we will be present on site to relay you the lesser info around on Xbox and Xbox environment.

Sunday, March 30

The video games make more and more stupid

This makes long that many studies are made on the effects of video games. These studies contradict the common place, that is to say that they abrutissent our golden youth which turns many more recreational and intellectual activities such as tuning, the collection of firearms, comparative study of urban drug, or sexual intercourse in a meeting. He is notorious that there is much more stimulated by a video game when it is slumped in the couch watching ' most beautiful life "or"wheel of fortune ".
When looking at the TV, it makes no effort, is passive, it undergoes the choices that are made, and it therefore encourages our brain to laziness. It is high time to redo these studies, because it is obvious that with the new generations of consoles or new cards graphics for PC, coupled with the manner in which are made the games today, the results are very likely to be different.
Thus, video games traditionally stimulate the imagination of the players. Indeed, to feel empathy with the described universe, the player mentally translated what of imperfect figuration and projected a coherent universe complementing what is not, or misrepresented onscreen. The higher the graphic level, furthermore there a photo-realistic rendering, and furthermore there a complete environment. The brain of the player does so more effort, and found a well as flat as facing a viewing of 'Joséphine ange gardien ". Have therefore moved thinking and some thanks for those, fortunately still many who deliver games including the Visual difference remains low compared with the titles of 2 years ago on the old systems. It is only that the brains of players remain active that Call of Duty Ghosts, for example, shows so little graphic progress.
Similarly, the brain completes the animation steps that are not represented on the screen. This is also the case when we look at the television or when we go to the cinema. The latter being projected at 24 frames per second, the brain does a steady job and 'imagine' the intermediate stages, giving the whole a natural fluidity. In current video games, these are 30 to 60 frames per second that are displayed. The conclusion is logically no appeal: video games make it more stupid than the cinema. The animation is thinning, you can even add more and more stupid. Logical consequence of this obvious deduction, the PS4 is seems more efficient to display of 60 fps, PS4 players are more stupid than players who have an Xbox One. By modesty be avoided to talk about those who have PC competition, as it would be necessarily unfairly severe, as if their brain works very little when they play, they compensate by engaging in an intellectual activity abandoned by other: tuning. This is not on a car, but good, even on a computer, it already.
Finally, the argument to say that with a game video is not passive him also tends to be less and less true. Final Fantasy paved the way with these long cutscenes, sometimes in full action, which have blown more neurons than "New York Special Unit. These games with not much game inside were not very numerous in the past, which therefore did not affect the outcome of the studies, but today it is a standard. During this time it does nothing. Expected. Before Derrick. In Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero, cutscenes represent almost 20% of the story. When in addition we know that the game is 60 fps... Fortunately, the graphics are not perfect, that the brain is still a bit of work to provide.
Friends readers, so be very careful. If this is good from time to time to put her brain on off playing games today, if you want to keep an alert mind, don't forget to compensate reconnecting your PS1, your Sega Genesis or limit your first Xbox.

Saturday, March 29

Microsoft: U.S. giant buys patents reality headset augmented for 100 to 150 million dollars

All eyes turned to the acquisition of the company at the origin of the Oculus Rift by Facebook and the Sony Project Morpheus, but Microsoft is also preparing his secret project. Indeed, the firm bought six patents of real projects and seventy-five other less successful, all about augmented reality glasses.

It is therefore on January 17 that all these patents were reassigned to Microsoft, according to an anonymous source, the total cost would amount to 100 / $ 150 million. One of the patent refers to glasses with transparent glasses, equipped with an embedded processor that will be used to project an image on a surface or lenses. This would allow the person who carries them to visualize different information about what surrounds it. Another patent refers to what resembles a watch that would control the content displayed through these glasses.

Another prototype developed by Osterhout has a processor with multiple cores working (for now) with a customized Android OS. It integrates the Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and inertial sensors to measure the movement and position, as well as two HD 3D displays.

It is now almost sure that Microsoft is developing its own system of augmented reality glasses, it only remains for us to know if it will be integrated into the Xbox program and thus compatible with our gaming consoles, or if it will be a Department apart created to compete with the Google Glass.

Friday, March 28

"The multi of Halo 2 Anniversary should be fantastic" Phil Spencer responds

Although nothing official has been announced by Microsoft on a release of Halo 2 Anniversary , rumors are rife about him !
Small malignant IGN then asked Phil Spencer , head of Microsoft Studios , what is the most important feature of the game if it were to exist. His answer : the multiplayer .
"In this fictional world in which the game exists , it is an easy answer, it should be the multiplayer experience we've all experienced in the original Halo 2 ' he replied.
"Frankly [ we would have to do so] probably better than what we did with Halo 1 Anniversary . I thought the multiplayer in Halo Anniversary 1 was good, but Halo 1 never had a real multiplayer, it would have been different. "
" Should there be a Halo 2 Anniversary, I think multiplayer would be fantastic ," he said .
This year, Halo 2 will be ten years. Do you think it will be part of Xbox One 2014 ?

No play between Xbox One and PC according to Gaijin Entertainmen

Anton Yudintsev home Gaijin Entertainment told GameSpot that the game War Thunder did not come out on Xbox One.
According to him, the Xbox One is technically capable of supporting cross -platform gaming (Xbox and PC ), but Microsoft does not currently allow .
PS4 version of the game is already available in Europeand support cross -play . The reason this feature has yet to be implemented from a problem that engineers are currently working at Sony .
Anton Yudintsev also explains that " Sony is more open to independent developers and free-to -play games in general. Sony went to the market free- to-play for a few years now. They started on the PS3. " He added that Microsoft has limitations such as if you want to release a free- to-play game, you must speak to a account manager and there is no single set of rules . You should talk to the account manager and the rules depend on it . If he likes your game , it is approved , otherwise it is deprecated. "This is the only person who can say if the game is good or bad ," he said, adding that in his opinion it is not the right way of doing things and it is wrong to let one person determine the quality of a game since each game has its own audience .
Anton is against Yudintsev aware that things are changing in the right direction , especially with the arrival of the program ID @ Xbox. "Microsoft needs to change, and they change. The key is that they understand the need for change, they will. We'll see. I hope we get on Xbox One someday too . I have nothing against a specific platform because I am not of those who are wondering which is the best between the PS4 and Xbox One . I do not care . It's just hardware . Ultimately, it is the quality of the game and the gameplay experience , " he concluded .

Kinect 2 available this summer for Windows

The Kinect For Windows blog announced that the update available the new version of Kinect, output for the Xbox One, would be available for next summer on Windows 8 (to confirm for compatibility Windows7).

To use Kinect V2 on your PC, the sensor will require a USB 3 connection and will benefit a specific power.

Note that the Xbox logo has disappeared to be replaced by a single LED. The price is not yet announced but it would be interesting to know!
The first version of Kinect had allowed some nice experiences to some developers on PC, it is hoped that this will continue with this new generation.

The DLC Naval Strike of BF4 available on Xbox One

Good news for players who continue to play against winds and tides to Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, since they will be able to give heart to joy at the last DLC dated - Naval Strike - which is finally available on the latter.

Voir l'image sur Twitter
Naval Strike is starting to roll out for Premium members on Xbox One today:  |

After a delay of a few days to wait for the deployment of the big update from yesterday, you can you kill each other happily on the new charts. If you are Premium course, and the game wants to let you make.
Good luck. On PC, it comes always to early April, at least.

Xbox Live: The Day, a free movie for this weekend

Microsoft provides for this weekend (March 28 4 pm to March 30 16 h) free download of the movie The Day on Xbox Live to play on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One or even a Windows 8 device.

The Day is a pretty average as movie evidenced this AlloCiné plug but you never know...