Tuesday, May 27

Xbox One: external storage faster loading times

The first beta version of the update in June is available for testers for this weekend and they have already been able to make some interesting discoveries. The first concerns the redesign of the Xbox Store menu and the second is a little more hidden . Indeed, it is a NeoGAF user , Hawk269 , which reports that loading time of his games have improved greatly since it uses an external hard drive , including a level of Ryse : Son of Rome launches 16 seconds faster . It is not alone in this, as many beta testers to report this gain speed on the private forum which is reserved on Xbox.com

The reason for this improvement is very simple to explain. The internal hard drive of the Xbox One is a 500 GB 5400 RPM SATA II actually quite slow and the connection is limited to SATA II transfer rate of 3 Gb / s ( 300MB / s). The USB 3.0 standard used by external hard drives is limited to 5 Gbit / s ( 625 MB / s) , so logically , using an external storage transfer speed than that of the disc content on the Xbox One, your win games in loading speed .

From the day of deployment of the last final day in 1406 , presumably before June 9 , so you can significantly reduce the loading time of your games selecting a fast external hard drive. It is not life grand?

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