Friday, January 31

Xbox One: the console in the colours of Titanfall exists, but will not be marketed

Yesterday was rich in leaks all kinds concerning the Xbox One. One of them was the output of a console customized to the colors of the Titanfall game, some fans hoped. Unfortunately for them, Pete Dodd, known under the pseudonym FamousMortimer for its numerous leaks that are mostly found, revealed that the console exists, but will never be marketed because of additional costs that it would require.

According to Dodd, the person who has posted any leaks on the NeoGAF forum yesterday is certainly a former Microsoft employee eager to take revenge on his former employer, because information on the Xbox One Titanfall are accurate, but too old.

Yet once again, this information has absolutely nothing official, will therefore take it with the reserve that she deserves. But it seems that Pete Dodd sees just as Amazon now specifies that its Xbox One + Titanfall bundle contains a black console. Therefore, just the handle in the limited edition that will accompany the release of Titanfall March 13 on its output.

A less expensive version of Xbox One year-end?

Certainly, cela leak from around the side of Redmond. After the recent leaks, here we learn through VG247 (via a reliable source) that a new Xbox One model will be sold before the end of this year. A new version that will be less expensive and which will likely cut some features. Our colleagues evoke the abandonment of the bluetooth adapter and the optical drive but specify that their source was not able to confirm this.

Thanks to this Xbox One "down range" (or Arcade to take over the appointment of the previous generation), the American automaker could align with the price of the PlayStation 4 or even aim for a price below€ 399.99. Whatever the case, it is certain that Microsoft should not appreciate these leaks - which serve it greatly in the case of the low-cost model - and it would seem that it is actively seeking to identify the author of these.

Exit the day XBLA: Spartans assault!

As we announced yesterday, today is that Halo: Spartan Assault (2.18 GB) arrives on Xbox Live Arcade. As we thought, the price is identical to the Xbox One release a month ago. Those who possess a W8 or WP8 version will be able to acquire it before February 28 at the price of €4.99 provided you have bought before December 15 with the same Microsoft account.

Halo: Spartan Assault: trial version
Halo: Spartan Assault - 14,99 EUR

Kingdom Come: Deliverance confirmed on Xbox One

Good news for those waiting for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Xbox One: studio Warhorse was able to "clarify the situation with Microsoft regarding the distribution of the Xbox One of the game version. What makes that developers are able to formalize its future release on Xbox One. Main consequence of this agreement: Kickstarter donors (including the total will soon exceed the bar £ 600,000) will be able to choose a Xbox One (digital or digital version) version as a reward in the following cases:

Soldier, Knight: 1 license, digital copy (Win/Mac/Linux/Xone) OR physical copy (Win/Mac/Linux)
Baron, Viscount, Earl: 1 license, digital copy AND physical copy (Win/Mac/Linux/Xone/PS4)
Duke and all third higher: 2 licenses, 2 digital copies AND 1 physical copy (Win/Mac/Linux/Xone/PS4)

Thursday, January 30

A tournament online for the Kinect Sports Rivals preseason

You are part of the million players to have downloaded the Kinect Sports Rivals preseason? If you enjoy this demo, you'll be pleased to learn that an international online tournament will be put in place during the month of February. Indeed, it will be possible to compete in representing his country against players from around the world (Finally, only thirteen countries will be logically eligible). The winner country players will receive a sea scooter in the colors of their national flag.

At the end of the competition, the best player will also receive a sea scooter inlaid with gold and all those who will establish the best brand of their respective countries receive them, a sea scooter inlaid with silver. In addition, the daily challenges will be set up throughout the month in order to earn points and unlock prizes can be used in the final version of Kinect Sports Rivals

Microsoft offers $ 100 to "ditch" your PS3 for an Xbox One

A lag in the charts, Microsoft seems to accelerate its communication in the United States to regain control with the Xbox One. The last operation date in May to talk about...

The message of this campaign of emailing deployed currently in the USA is abundantly clear:

Ditch your PS3 and get $ 100.

Microsoft is therefore not by 4 paths to encourage players to leave the PlayStation universe to succumb to the next gen of the Xbox One charms. It should be noted that the deal is possible in Microsoft shops... and to the United States, for the moment at least.

May be however argued that even with these $ 100 reduction, the purchase of an Xbox One returns to that of a PS4 ($399)... while keeping his PS3. For a punch offering, we will therefore already seen more punchy...

[Source: The Verge]

Battlefield 4: another patch for early February

DICE and Electronic Arts have announced the release of a new patch for Battlefield 4 in the next few days, early February.
The latest patch was released on PC and PS3 and PS4, and then on Xbox 360, then finally on Xbox One, DICE explains that this order might be upset, but it comes out whatever happens on all platforms.

It begins with everything that flies or which can eliminate what flies:

  • Passage from 6 to 4 the number of missile that the air raid can carry. The number of missile made it impossible for a helicopter to use its counter measures to prevent attacks
  • Reduction of velocity of 20mm guns from 1200 m up to 800 m/s to correspond with the 30 mm cannon. This allows reducing the distance of shots and forcing the MAA to move from his stash. The damage will remain unchanged.
  • Reduction of the physical impact of all anti-air missiles to prevent helicopters become uncontrollable during impact. The damage values have not changed.
  • Reduction of the cone in which the missiles with active radar search targets, which requires a higher level of skill to predict where a target will be when the missile is fired. The missiles were previously too easy to use with a sighting at long range, making it a guaranteed success and a clear advantage over other types of missiles.
  • Increase of the direct damage caused by the canon of the attack helicopter shooter. The shooter will be better able to help the pilot to eliminate vehicles targets with this change.
  • Increase damage by direct hit of the Zuni Rockets to attack helicopters. The rate of fire of these rocket combined with the smallest charger made them a poor choice compared to the other two types of rockets.
  • Reducing harm of shards and a maximization of the damage of the 25mm guns of the scout helicopter. These weapons were too effective against infantry, by making a clear choice compared with 7.62 guns in all combat situations. The 25 mm guns are intended to give the scout helicopter some effectiveness against vehicles, making them clearly less effective against infantry.
We continue with the tanks and the anti-tank:

  • Reduction of the intelligence of the LAW of the MBT, the player missiles must be closer to the target so that the chip of the missile turns. In addition, the reloading of the MBT time now is a little slower. This allows to maintain the LAW of MBT in his role of fire and forget easy to use accessible to engineers, as balanced with other launchers of rockets for human. Finally, the bug where the MBT LAW passes through an active protection shield has been corrected.
  • Fixed a problem where the active protection and MP - APS do not stop correctly the 12G FRAG.
  • Reduction of the range where M2 SLAM made the maximum damage to vehicles, from 6 M to 3 m. Players will now need to be more clever in placing their SLAM M2 in order to get the full potential of this anti vehicle damage. This change is mainly to counter a tactic to place 3 mines in the same place to assure a death on any vehicle passing to 6 m. The range was found to be too large, which makes it far superior to mine at M15. SLAM M2
  • And will also contain fixes for the multiplayer as well as increased stability.

Titanfall: the game Respawn will be entitled to its Xbox One bundle

After the beta of Titanfall by Micromania, who will need to reserve his copy in order to participate in this testing phase, online sales sites begin to update. Thus, by visiting the virtual shops Micromania and Amazon, we could find that very logically FPS Respawn Entertainment Robotics will likewise her bundle Xbox One sold at €530.

It therefore meets all those who questioned any pack featuring Microsoft's new console and which hoped to embark on the next-gen. Nevertheless, a question burn us the lips: the collector handle will be included or sold separately? It will be that the visuals of the box should be published before having our response.

Whatever it is, Titanfall is available in March 11 North America, then in Europe 13. As for the beta, it will start on February 14, Valentine's day. Here's who will give pleasure to these ladies!

Battlefield 4: one month of gifts to apologize

To thank the players for their patience against the many concerns of Battlefield 4, DICE will make various gestures for a month.

Last December, Dice announced the development of his FPS Battlefield 4 DLC pausing until the many concerns of the latter were not resolved. After several patches, the game seems better (less crasher in any case) but the developer has decided to make a gesture to players.

On his blog, Dice thank not only the players for their support and loyalty, but also announces the arrival of a thank-you in a somewhat more concrete form. From February 1, during one month, connected players will receive a Battlepack (bronze in silver at the weekend and week), as well as two shortcuts (four for Premium members) to unlock any grenades daily and all pistols of the base game.

In addition, a classic double XP weekend will be set up, in addition to that already provided for Premium players. Community missions will also be proposed. It's challenges to achieve as a team in order to win the Battlepack gold. The first mission will require, for example, to retrieve a number of plates in a while.

Finally, specific Dice always work on the improvement of the netcode and in February will be reinstated the feature Platoons with more social interaction between players.