Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Xbox Live: Xbox One and Xbox 360 the week promotions

Microsoft reveals the latest promotions Xbox Live on Xbox 360 and Xbox One until October 27. The availability of offers and prices can vary depending on the region. Lovers of racing games on Xbox 360 are served! 

Xbox One Promotions 

  • Games on Demand: 

  1. Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut 50% 
  2. Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition -50% 

  • Additional contents: 

Forza Motorsport Car Pass 5 -25% 

Xbox 360 promotions 

  • Games on Demand: 

  1. Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted -50% 
  2. Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit 75% 
  3. Burnout Paradise -66% 
  4. Burnout Revenge -66% 
  5. Need for Speed ​​Undercover -66% 
  6. Dirt 3 -60% 
  7. Darksiders (also available for Silver accounts) -50% 
  8. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z -50% 
  9. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi -50% 

  • Arcade: 

R.B.I. Baseball 14 -50%

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Microsoft launches digital tuners for Xbox One, the explanatory video

Microsoft has announced the availability of its digital TV tuner for Xbox One. This USB accessory allows you to watch DTT programs in HD. 

Basically, the console has the job of your "Box" classic TV. Here's what you can do with it: 

  • Watching TV in HD on the Xbox One: The free TV DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C are accessible without changing the source of the TV. 
  • Anchoring enjoy fashion: You can play his favorite games, communicating with friends via Skype while watching TV, thanks to Anchor fashion insert a window in your main screen. 
  • Access to TV programs via OneGuide, using Xbox One or voice control with Kinect. OneGuide can also put his favorite channels favorites for simplicity. 
  • Pause, rewind and fast forward a live TV program. 

The digital TV tuner One Xbox is sold at a suggested retail price of € 30, including the official store of Microsoft. Many explanations (in English) are available on the video above, especially those showing the "control" of your mobile devices via different channels, via SmartGlass.

Xbox One: Update November, information about the content

Major Nelson has just revealed the contents of the update in November of Xbox One, which began to be deployed today and those who are part of the preview program. 

  • Customization of backgrounds: The query number one fan finally arrives with the ability to change the wallpaper of the Xbox Dashboard One. It can be imported via the Media Player image, a single color, or even a successful artwork. 
  • Player profile: Ability to add location and bio to their profile, just like what we had on Xbox 360 Adding a showcase that offers six locations where one can view the success of which is is most proud or video clips recorded via DVR Games. 
  • Twitter integration for Game Clips: From the sharing option, it will be possible to publish his videos directly on Twitter. 
  • Trending Live TV: Right now reserved for our American friends, Canadian and English, Trending Live TV will know what the 20 most popular TV programs for us to watch. This filter will be updated every minute. This update will also give the opportunity to see what the most discussed on Twitter programs. Tweets can even be displayed directly via the MiniGuide. MiniGuide who suffer also improved with the addition of a favorites section to find out what program we recently looked. A voice activation will also be there. 
  • Improved SMARTGLASS: The pages will be displayed faster filters make it easier to find what you are looking for, the interactions between the Store and Xbox SmartGlass One will be more numerous. Adding a "coming soon" section to easily see what happens soon on Xbox One. 
  • Improvement of Internet Explorer, and preview application. Now, members who take the time to participate in surveys will gain more points and will be able to easily compare with their friends. 

Since a video is worth a long series of words:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

UPDATE - Xbox One: the October update is available

  1: In a few words 

Last September, Major Nelson detailed the new developments that accompany the update of October for our beautiful machines, Xbox One. Microsoft finally releases its firmware brings several new features and friendly. First, two things expected by the community, playing MKV and DLNA access. 

Then, several features have been updated to provide additional comfort to the user when he wants to watch TV or access its lite Friends. In short, no more turn around the bush and enter directly into the heart of the matter. 

For more details about this update in October, we invite you to read the following pages. 

How to update? 

If your console is connected to the Internet, the machine will automatically update its system - Principle of Instant Replay; 
If it is in power save mode, then the platform will ask directly on your screen to proceed with the update.

2. Snap and Friends 
  • New Snap functions and Friends - With new enhancements Snap, SmartGlass and Achievements, you can stay in the game and communicate with your friends at the same time. 
  • Updates Snap - Snap Center has been updated and allows faster access, during the game, the Friends, Messages, DVR Games, the clock and the battery indicator. Other Snap applications are easier to access; double press the Xbox button you can bring up a menu to open a new application, close or switch between your game and your application. In addition, two applications have been optimized for the Snap mode: 
  • Snap Application for Friends - Go to your list of friends without leaving the game Easily access your friends list to see who is online in no time, send them a message, or invite them to join.. 
  • Snap application messages - you are able to open, read and respond to messages in Snap mode, and messages are displayed for "conversation followed." 
  • Application Achievements - The update lets you share your unlocked Achievements and see in his list of friends, those who have unlocked specific Achievements. A new page also shows the Achievements of recently played games, when a player does not actively playing; 
  • Friends Section - New section allows friends to see at a glance what is happening with your friends. You can watch their current activities, the most popular games of your contacts, and a high score is available to see who has improved its scores in the last 30 days; 
  • New features SmartGlass - You can now see a list of your best games in your profile. You can also check the list of the most popular games of your friends in the Friends section of SmartGlass.

3: Movies and TV 

  • Improvements in TV and movies - This update makes your experience much better viewing on Xbox One, when you want to watch TV or use your SmartGlass as a universal remote. 
  • The media player supports DLNA and MKV - the latest version of Media Player can now DLNA streamer. You are able to easily access your music, photos and files stored on a server or on a multimedia device that supports DLNA server protocols films. Moreover, it is now possible to play MKV file from a USB device or from your home network that supports DLNA; 
  • Live TV MiniGuide - For contracts where OneGuide is available, a new function, MiniGuide the bottom of the screen displays the details of the TV content that is being played. You can change channels, see what's happening on other channels, and return to the previous channel or to other recent channels. While watching TV, you can also start with MiniGuide voice, saying, "Xbox Select - MiniGuide"; 
  • OneGuide available in 11 new countries - Ads and schedule live TV will be available on Xbox SmartGlass One and for Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia in the coming days; 
  • Internet TV Applications - Applications with live TV channels can now include their television programs in OneGuide. In addition, other functions Xbox TV, such as changing channels with voice and MiniGuide were added. The first application that supports this feature is Zattoo, which is available in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Denmark; 
  • Universal remote control on your SmartGlass - If you are in one of 11 countries that can enjoy OneGuide, you are able to use your mobile to control your Xbox, TV and / or your box (cable or satellite); 
  • Live TV - This update allows you to select "On startup, go to the TV" from your Xbox console One, to be configured in Settings, Food and Starting; 
  • Live TV and auto-detection box (cable or satellite) - In some markets, the installation of Live TV is being enhanced to automatically detect the connected HDMI-In port of your Xbox One decoder.

4: Accessories, hidden features and passwords 
  • New Accessories and hidden features 
  • Updated accessories and peripherals - To access the new page, go to Settings. There you will assign and update accessories Xbox One. You can now more easily "affect" accessories to specific users, such as the awarding of a helmet for a particular player; 
  • Updated firmware - You can update the firmware of a device, in particular; 
  • Find its handle - you can more easily find (or identify) a joystick in the vibrating; 
  • Applications and hidden in your games console - You can now hide items in "Ready to Install" listed in My Games and Applications. To access the shortcut to temporarily display the hidden items, press X while holding both triggers. It will display all hidden until you exit My Games and Applications elements. 
  • Reset Password - Reset your password is easier, safer, and protection to your accounts has been added. Coming later this month, if you have not already configured your security information, you will be asked to provide an email address or telephone number; to use if you need to reset your password. You will only need to put in place once per account. To configure the security of your account, go to the following page: For more information:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Kinect Xbox One standalone is available: price and details

The new is more or less unnoticed but the One Xbox Kinect sensor can now bepurchased separately as any accessory.
The Microsoft Store website indicates that the Kinect for the Xbox One may nowbe obtained without buying a pack including the console and the sensorSold atthe price of 150 euros, this standalone version is supplied with a copy of thegame Dance Central Spotlight.

Note that Xbox One owners who wish to acquire a "Kinect for Xbox One" will haveto show patience. Indeed, the accessory is currently out of stock on the MicrosoftStore as well as on Amazon France.

Vine curly arriving on Xbox One

One Xbox continues to expand its catalog of applications with the advent of the popular Vine application. You do not know yet that application must on all smartphones that allows you to view videos of six seconds loop? Come discover it directly to your console via an application (24.86 MB) very well done and can be anchored.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Xbox One: friends lists back after 24 hours of downtime

During the day yesterday, the friends list on Xbox One suffered from a fairly widespread outage. Some users said they did not have access to their list of friends at all, or only have intermittent access. At midday, Microsoft admitted the existence of the problem and stated 'work hard to resolution'. 

After 24 hours of irregular availability while now works as before. The problem, whatever it was, is now ancient history. For those who have been affected by the disruption of service and who still do not see their friends list appear, it is advisable to switch off the console and turn it on again. 

This should restore the social features.