Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunset Overdrive White Xbox One Unboxing

Xbox One reveals her curves, but with a new sexy outfit. Microsoft Exchange machine style dress and sees a white dress. As we know for a few months, a pack Sunset Overdrive arrives on our shelves. This will include the famous platform with a copy of the game. 

Our colleagues from IGN could get a box before the time to make a video unpacking. Beautiful to watch as a new day and I must say it has arguments to crack any player. 

The release date of this attractive bundle is 28 October 2014. Regarding Sunset Overdrive, the launch trailer was recently released. Will you fall for this little gem?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cheap Xbox One Pack: the best offers

To help you find the best deals, we will summarize here the different bargains. Be taken advantage of, it's cheap! 
If you know of other offers, please provide it in the comments so we can add. 

Pack Xbox One + Assassin's Creed: Assassin's Creed Unity + IV: Black Flag € 399 

A very good offer with a brand new game and one that dates back to last year but still very nice. 

Pack Xbox One  + Fifa 15-379 € 

An interesting offer with the sports game of the best-selling territory. 

Pack Xbox One +  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 499 € 
At that price, you are entitled to an Xbox controller One Collector with its collector to the colors of the game also. The hard drive is also doubled since it is 1TB. 

Pack Xbox One only 357 € 

This is the pack that some might call "gamer" since Kinect is not present, thus lowering the cost of the console. But it is also forego some benefits in everyday life. All consoles have a 500GB hard drive this is more like the Xbox 360, which proposed two different types of products. 

Xbox one +Kinect  455 € 

This is a standard pack with an Xbox Kinect + One snugly. 

Complete pack Xbox one + Kinect + Titanfall 476 € 

Pack Xbox one +Kinect  + Titanfall digital version priced at € 469, so this gives a free game and must be present (at the time this post is up to date in July 2014) the best offer available 

Complete pack Xbox one + Kinect + Forza 5 to 499.99 € 

 pack Xbox one + Kinect + Forza Motorsport 5 digital version priced at € 499.99, so this gives a free game.

why xbox one game install times longer than PS4

Installing Xbox One is rather long, and even longer than its direct concurente the PS4. But Phil Spencer explained himself after IGN, there is a reason for that. 
According to him, having made ​​the console usable even when not connected to the Internet has had an impact. He also explained that the drive speed is the same as on PS4 and that transfers to the memory take that long. 
So why the difference that still exists today? For now, Phil Spencer said that collects data on the subject, and the goal is to be at the forefront so that people can start playing as soon as possible. It's part of their priorities, and it is out of the question for them that these installation time are lagging behind compared to the PS4.


While it is difficult to know the numbers of official and realistic way, Microsoft has unveiled to its investors that it had sold 2.4 million consoles in the last quarter, which ended on September 30. The respective share of the sales of Xbox 360 and Xbox One in these figures, however, have not been clarified. 

On the side of the mobile phone, it is 9.3 million Lumia Microsoft that were sold against 8.8 million last year. Even sales of the Surface Pro 3 are doing well and are approaching one billion dollars in revenue. 

For the branch and Consumer Devices, revenues increased 47% to 10.96 billion dollars.

How to Make Your Own Xbox One Background

Larry Hryb on his blog this procedure to create your own wallpaper on Xbox One. This course is intended for owners of the latest dashboard currently in beta. 

For this, it is mandatory to have installed the Media Player, which allows you to explore your photos / images. Here is the procedure: 

  • Connect a thumb drive or have access to a source DLNA 
  • Launch the Media Player, either directly or through Settings, My Xbox, my background, Custom Image 
  • Navigate to the source and the directory where your image 
  • Select an image in jpg / png 
  • Once your image open, open the menu via the Menu button 
  • Enable Set as wallpaper. 
  • You will see your image in full screen and you can adjust its size 

To assist designers, the Design Team Xbox proprose users to Photoshop a model allowing them to see which parts of their images will be hidden by the tiles (

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Xbox One: Phil Spencer "not ashamed" of his power

While the Xbox One is about to celebrate its first anniversary, Phil Spencer has already answer questions that could be asked about a console dying. 

When the Xbox One was sold at the end of last year, Phil Spencer was president of the Microsoft Worldwide Studios. It was therefore involved "only" in the software side of the console. 

After several changes made by Microsoft's vision for Xbox One (vis-à-vis the control of the occasion, for example) and the departure of Don Mattrick, Phil Spencer found himself promoted to head of the Xbox division. This means that it now manages everything related to the Xbox One. 

Guest Podcast Unlocked IGN, Phil Spencer was questioned about the configuration of the Xbox One. The head of the Xbox branch said it would have made ​​the Xbox console One more powerful if he had been involved in its creation: 

I do not know. I know the people who make these decisions but I do not know the realities of the situations in which they were when they made ​​those decisions. It would be easy for me to go back on it now and say 'ok, we would have built a box of three teraflops we would have sold 99 dollars.' But I do not know. 

I do not know the compromises they made. We, members of the 'leadership team' did not make all the decisions. I was taking decisions related content. So I think it would be unfair for me to return to a particular decision and say for example, 'hey, what kind of RAM should we choose?' or return to the case of ESRAM, HDMI input, what we did with Kinect, or other matters and say 'oh, I know all and see the point where we are now, I 'could change those decisions.' 

I think it's a complicated situation for me ... If I was content to say yes, it would send a good picture of me, but I do not know. If I take into account the context of the time, I do not know. I would say that the work done by the team platform is designed to put as much power as possible in the hands of developers. This work has had a tremendous impact in the last six months, and I'm very proud. 

In terms of the box (Xbox One, ed), its reliability is much better than the Xbox 360 at its launch and it's great. I went through the time of the red ring 360 and things like that after all. I am not ashamed of the hardware we have and if someone asks me 'should I buy an Xbox One?' I truly can say 'yes' given the content, platform, services, and hardware we have. 

I can assure them that they buy a platform vis-à-vis which I am engaged at all levels. And we will make this platform as great as possible

This type of speech is actually not surprising. Back on the decisions taken by his predecessors policy is a way to curry favor with players who have been disappointed. The problem is quite different when it comes to capabilities of the console. 

Xbox One is a machine in full commercial operation. A public disavowal of the power of the machine from its leader would send a picture of a console in which players have no incentive to invest. If even its creators say evil, why would consumers reach for their wallet?

Free Version of Xbox Music to be Axed

The free version of Xbox Music, Microsoft's Spotify-like streaming service, will be axed within weeks.

Following the removal of the ad-supported free version, on December 1, the only way to access Xbox Music will be to sign up to a paid subscription. Users will have unlimited access to Microsoft's library of millions of tracks, providing they pay $10 (or £9) per month.
"We are focusing Xbox Music to deliver the ultimate music purchase and subscription service experience for our customers," the corporation said on its FAQ page. There was no further explanation as to why the company is abandoning its ad-supported service.
The move comes despite one of the leading music streaming services, Spotify, continuing to offer limited music access for free.
For the monthly fee, Xbox Music offers unlimited access to its music servers, as well as offline listening on PC, tablet, and smartphones. For Xbox One and Xbox 360 users specifically, the service allows users to stream from a library of about 90,000 music videos.

A free 30-day trial is still available.