Thursday, May 15

Xbox One without Kinect more powerful : Microsoft envisaged

Xbox Kinect is One without a reality since yesterday and it was a good thing to announce before the start of E3 2014 so that we can focus on what interests us all priority when buying a console games. Today we learn that Microsoft is currently in discussions with publishers about an increase in graphics performance of Xbox One that will run on consoles without Kinect.
Yusuf Mehdi , director of marketing and strategy , told Polygon that the team was currently reviewing the architecture of the console. We know that part of the power of the GPU of the console is reserved for Kinect. One example is what allows the console to be always "listening " and toggles an Internet Explorer page to a game or an application.
The console has a power reserve of GPU for the OS that manages the game , and it is the same for Kinect says Yusuf Mehdi . But once you get in the game is the game code that only runs . Yusuf Mehdi while they are in talks with publishers about what they could do about it , and ensures that they will soon talk shows . And if a performance boost of the console was announced at E3 2014?
The question is how all this could really work. And what about consoles purchased day -one with integrated Kinect ? Should we just unplug Kinect to benefit from a performance boost ? Would be a game "degraded" when the camera is connected? Still many questions to be answered .

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