Friday, February 28

Xbox One: the notification of an online friend arrives in April

For a next updateWhile the update that improves the groups and friends list happens in early March, can confirm you that it will not propose the establishment of a notification of an online friend. But one learns, via Twitter, that this famous notification goes well arrive in a next update of the Xbox One in the month of April.

@crecenteb great article! We won't have friends online notifications in March. Want to get it just right. Next update 
  1. @notwen Ah, so no toasts at all this time around, or just Twitch toasts?
@crecenteb yup -- twitch broadcasting toasts from your fav's yes -- but not friends online. that will be next month..

  1. @notwen next month April? (we're technically in Feb still)
@crecenteb yes, I should say "the next update after March" :)

This declaration came via the Polygon article on the Twitch application since the latter will offer notifications from your friends Twitch.
Will have to wait a bit to get this functionality yet so obvious but which disappeared on the new generation of consoles since the PS4 did not propose either...

Games with Gold: known March games

In his usual, Major Nelson presents games programme Games with Gold for the upcoming March month (which starts tomorrow). So Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (from 1 to 15 March) and Dungeon Defenders (from 16 to 31 March) that will be featured tomorrow. For information, the two games cost respectively, at the present time, €29,99 and € 14.99.

Wolfenstein The New Order in 1080 p and 60 frames/sec. on PS4 and Xbox One

If some developers fail to offer the same resolution and the same Visual fluidity versions of their game, Bethesda has announced that Wolfenstein: The New Order would turn in 1080 p and 60 frames per second on PS4 and Xbox One.

Following rumors claiming that the version PS4 would turn in 1080 p and 60 frames per second, the American studio confirmed in an email sent to our GamingBolt colleagues, that the Xbox One will also benefit from the same technical prerogatives.

Good news for those who seriously began to worry about the difference between the two machines, on this "sensitive" issue...

Remember queWolfenstein: The New Order is always expected for May 23 next on PC, PS4, PS3, One Xbox and Xbox 360.

Thursday, February 27

Titanfall Xbox One cheap: the pre-orders

The best rates and offers
Titanfall is a real interest among players on Xbox One especially since the beta, which is why we offer the most interesting pre-order offers:
[Last updated 27/02]: the price at Amazon goes from € 64 to € 60.25
  • €60.25 with a poster collector (offer available until March 12 poster)
  • €64,00 with a poster collector
  • €64.99 but a reduction of €5 is available with the code "RESAAUCHAN", i.e. € 59.99 and one exclusive T-shirt is available to the first 250 pre-orders.

Stephen Elop to the Xbox division head

The information is known since the day before yesterday, that is, as prospective, Stephen Elop, which replaces the interim Julie Larson-Greene (which, itself, had replaced Don Mattrick advantage to reach the Presidency of Zynga seven months ago) as strongman of the Xbox division. Specifically, the former CEO of Nokia is now at the head of the division Devices & Studios that manages commodity hardware from Microsoft including the Windows Phone, Tablet Surface but also gaming consoles and Xbox.

Irony of fate: the Xbox division was precisely a sector that the gentleman wanted to get rid (as well as the Bing search engine) when he was still a candidate for the replacement of Steve Ballmer (this was finally Satya Nadella, who was chosen). Therefore, what about his appointment to the flagship post? His first steps in his new suit will be in any case monitored closely!

More than 200 developers have joined the ID@Xbox label

More than 200 developers have joined the ID@Xbox label
While the month of March is approaching, Microsoft communicates again on its ID@Xbox program proudly announcing that there are more than 200 developers who have joined the ID@Xbox program which some people who are well known to the community Xbox such as Ska Studios (The Dishwasher), The Behemoth (Castle Crashers) Playdead (LIMBO), or Humble Hearts (Dust: An Elysian Tail). When will we take advantage of the first independent labeled games?

Very soon if one believes Chris Charla, the program manager, who explains that the first games currently pass certification, passage requires prior to the release. -Exhaustive - list of 65 developers below are studios that "working hard on their games" without further specification.

A Crowd of Monster
Alientrap Games
The Behemoth
Big Ant Studios
Bloober Team
Blowfish Studios
Brain in a Jar
Brushfire Games
Cherry Pop Games Ltd.
Compulsion Games
Crunching Koalas
Digital Deco
Empty Clip Studios
Escalation Studios
EXOR Studios
FarSight Studios
Interactive Flix
Four Door Lemon Ltd
Glass Bottom Games
HB Studios
Headup Games
Heart Machine
Holmade Games
Humble Hearts LLC
I Fight Bears
Implausible Industries
Iridium Studios
iSquared Games Ltd
Larian Studios
Mighty Rabbit Studios
Mimimi Productions
nDreams Ltd
No Goblin
Pixel Balloon
Relentless Software
Ska Studios
Smudged Cat Games Ltd
Spry Fox
Tiny Castle Studios
Toxic Games
Vector Unit
Vertigo Games BV
VooFoo Studios
Warhorse Studios
Xona Games
Zoë Mode

LEGO the Hobbit arrives April 11

8 April in the US
Warner confirmed release dates of LEGO the Hobbit for April 8 in North America and April 11 in Europe.
According to the scenario of the first two movies, this new opus plunge us through Middle-Earth, along with Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the grey as well as Thorin and his companions on their journey to the Kingdom of the dwarves.

Update March of the Xbox One detailed on video

Major Nelson, Xbox Live responsible questions trap Richard irving, one of the leaders the next update of the platform inge online the Xbox one. And including the next update of March. The tot on video, for more clarity.

Update March of the Xbox One will be indeed, shortly before the arrival of Titanfall, for the 13th of the same month. In addition to the live streaming, arriving for their March 11, everything is taking place to accommodate clientele this famous update.

In the program, as you know without doubt, but in the case where, for latecomers, quite a lot of things improved. We had already given them this address, but for slackers, here am, as if by magic, on this page:

Access simplified the list of friends: the friends list will be at the centre of the page of the friends application. It is sufficient to press the Home button on the joystick or saying "Xbox, go to friends ' to access. On this menu, it will be possible to send messages or joining a group.
Improvements in groups of friends: when you will join a group of friends, audio chat will be automatically enabled while currently, you need to enable it manually.
The opportunity to discuss with your friends playing different games: Group of friends will be separated from players who playing your game. So, you can talk to your friends online, or to all those who play the same game as you.
Adding the option 'Invite your friends in game': as previously on #Xbox360, the option will be more simple and accessible more quickly for the invitations.
The addition of recent players: as on Xbox 360, the list of the last players on Xbox Live will be available.
Short, on video, it's even more telling, then you do not pray...

Titanfall is gold and ready for its release March 13

Respawn Entertainment held time since Titanfall will be beautiful and well ready for March 11 in the US and March 13 in Europe since the studio has published a tweet stating that the game is now Gold.

The beta period allowed to detect some big bugs before finalizing the game but it will likely be prepared to download a update the first time that the disc will be inserted into the Xbox One.