Wednesday, May 21

Xbox One could be called " Xbox " and be white

During our stay in London at Microsoft , except Phil Harrison ( Xbox 399 € One : why now ) , we also had the opportunity to meet Carl Ledbetter , designer of the Xbox One. An interview during which we learned some interesting anecdotes development ...

The design of any device is a complex process in which collide visions , inspirations, trials, false leads and compromise.

Beyond aesthetics necessarily subjective element tititlle me for months. You can check : at any point of the machine, Microsoft's console is called " Xbox One." Instead , only the " Xbox " logo appears. There wondering if the machine had not failed to call it , I had to ask her designer ...

Carl Ledbetter smiled mischievously before answering :

Indeed , I believe that if there had not been the Xbox 360, we would have called this new console " Xbox " for short . We talked about it internally. There is a real logic behind it in order to unify the range. But we also had to show the changes compared to the 360 ​​.

At one point, we even wondered if we were not going to settle for the logo , you know the cross in the sphere. We also slightly modified compared to the Xbox 360.

Another question , where the Xbox 360 was launched in a dress "cream" , Xbox One has she been thinking in black from the start. Not so sure ...

To be honest, at first we tested a white Xbox One. But there was a problem. To maintain the unity which is crucial for us , Kinect also had to be white ... and under the TV, it just does not work. During our tests , the answer was unanimous. It snapped up the eyes of players. So we opted for black.

However, do not forget that a white model exists, reserved for employees ... and with a black Kinect elsewhere ( all exchanging dollars 2,700 on eBay ) .

So could you imagine such a large model public, if only to allow the selection, as Kinect is no longer required ? Carl smiled

Who knows, time will tell ...

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