Monday, May 19

Microsoft - Phil Spencer: several announcements before E3 2014 and heavy during the show

Only a few days before the start of hostilities. E3 2014 is expected by the whole community and may be explosive . And because during E3 2013 we had the right to revelations of new machinery manufacturers , and this year , attractive and exclusive games will be the stars of the show.

Phil Spencer became the spokesperson for the Xbox division in a few weeks and teases players stating that various announcements will be made in the coming days .

Several things will happen before E3 2014 unique things that I want to show .

Our friend the day seems excited pointing out that the line-up of giant seems to operational eyeful . Everything can not be shown, so the company decided to say a little more before the show scheduled for June 9 , while reserving beautiful big surprises.

I know we will never be able to satisfy everyone. But we have new partners on stage, some old friends , it's nice to know that Xbox gamers look at us .

Not surprisingly, the development studio Rare is the game.

Rare has many good ideas for the next game I support the work of the team [...] and I do not push them to stake on a particular genre.

Confidence ... Phil Spencer thus gives carte blanche to the studio. Enough to give impulses ? And why not reboot an old license? Another point , it gives a few words about the future without Kinect packs and states that the camera will obviously not abandoned.

You will see new games working with Kinect . Harmonix has been a big supporter of the Xbox business and I want to ensure that their products are good .
He does not forget the PC aficionados by announcing that the Xbox One will soon be supported, but not that .

I am concentrating right now on the PC. It certainly will not be at E3 , but you will have more information during the summer.
Finally, and in accordance with its competitors, Phil praised advertisements of Sony Computer Entertainment.

I love Sony pubs, they have done a great job so far .

Heavy on approach ? The formalization of Halo 1, 2 , 3 and 4 on Xbox One? Further details of the next Gears of War? And what 's new for Xbox 360? Patience, patience ...

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