Monday, May 5

Xbox One: the update beta is available in May for testers

Officially expected by the end of the month , the system update in May for Xbox One is available for download in its beta version from this weekend . It no longer surprises , this update does not bring big news , but focuses almost exclusively on Kinect and its voice recognition and motion .

Thus, the motion recognition receives some improvements, including better tracking of hands, fingers and head of the user. A new feature of the IR emitter now allows the sensor to report problems , enabling better control of some devices.

In addition, via voice controls are improved , including the ability to zap and change the volume between applications. It is also possible to adjust the sound when Kinect is used to communicate .

Settings> Privacy> Online Security , a new option has appeared. She can choose to help Microsoft improve speech recognition and refine its algorithm for accuracy . By checking " Share the voice data " , it will allow Microsoft to use your voice to make data recognition Kinect even better.

Also in the settings, a new button has appeared . If a system update is available, a button " to install the system update " appears if ever it was not installed automatically when you launch your Xbox One.

Finally, a Reddit user , the latest beta of the system update can delete one by one the backups on the hard drive of the console.

It is therefore not yet this month we have the right to read on external media or an Xbox Guide as we had on the 360, but Phil Spencer promised, we should have big surprises before and during E3 .

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