Wednesday, May 14

Xbox One: the Games with Gold will require an active subscription such as PS +?

Today, Microsoft has met many ads that therefore need not be made at the conference at E3. Among them is that concerning the Games with Gold on Xbox One, a program rewarding two free games per month (paid subscription) Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

While these games remain yours to life on Xbox 360, it might even though this is not the case on Xbox One. Indeed, at the end of the article published on Xbox Wire, a precise double asterisk that an active subscription is required to play downloaded games. Thus, the service on Xbox One would become similar to the one proposed on PlayStation 4, since the two games available are much more recent than those on Xbox 360.

Currently, Microsoft has not yet submitted on this precision of size. It is likely that the many questions, that the community will not fail to ask different frameworks of the Xbox division, will encourage the firm to quickly communicate to this subject. Perhaps before E3.

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