Wednesday, May 14

Xbox One: Microsoft reconsider its console hardware

Microsoft announced the arrival of an Xbox One sold without Kinect, for 399 euros. Several questions then arise, firstly as regards the games with Kinect is mandatory, but also about the power of the machine sometimes.

Regarding the games, be aware that Microsoft will change the packaging to clarify that Kinect is mandatory for some of them. We therefore need to be vigilant in the future, if you want to buy the Xbox One without the famous camera.

But Yusuf Mehdi (VP of the Microsoft Entertainment Branch) was a little farther in the explanations to the Polygon site. Particular, we learn that the Redmond company is currently in train "to examine the hardware" of the machine, to possibly make some changes via an update.

Because you're maybe not aware, but the Xbox One very clearly share its power, and in particular that of its processor, between the bone and the games. This is also true for Kinect, to whom a part of the machine processor is allocated, about 8% according to the developers, which is far from negligible.

In proposing a console does not need to necessarily use Kinect, it would be possible for Microsoft to give more resources to other applications, and we can imagine that this power will be exploited by some games, but also by the OS.

What will really? Yusuf Mehdi still wishes to keep secret. However, we know that manufacturer exchanges with the developers in order to see what would work best for the machine, and how this new power could be intelligently used...

As since the beginning, the Redmond company seems truly listening to developers in relation to his new machine. We look forward to see the results now.

[Source: Polygon]

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