Thursday, May 15

PS4 vs Xbox One: Microsoft explains the difference in sales

It is undeniable, the PS4 and Xbox One familiar both a strong start . Real historical launches new consoles from Microsoft and Sony have emerged in our homes at full speed ... albeit with a distinct advantage in sales for the PS4 . Microsoft now gives his views on the difference.

Interviewed by Forbes, Yusuf Mehdi , Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios and Devices industry , returns to the duel between the two consoles.

To the question whether the original price of the Xbox One - far higher than the PS4 - had weighed on sales of these and if this new offer to 399 euros, without Kinect, will save field , here is his response :

It is really difficult to assess the difference in sales . They [Sony , Ed] in more markets than we do. They are in over 40 different markets, while we're at 13. People were more satisfied with the Xbox 360 than the PS3 , so in the short term they have less need to buy a new console through updates regular Xbox 360.

We could cite a number of factors. That said, we 've heard a lot of Xbox fans who told us "Hey , I want a Xbox One, but at $ 499 , I should probably wait a while before I take one. "

I think we talk to people who change console and Kinect buy later. So I think the price increases the attractiveness and , I hope , will help to bring more people to the Xbox One soon.

Another theme in the interview, the inability to sell the Xbox Kinect without One she was a mistake on the part of Microsoft ? "No" replied Yusuf Mehdi :

No, I think it was a good decision to sell the console with Kinect. At the beginning of a new generation of consoles , you try to set the bar for a new experience , and I think that's what we did with the Xbox One. The proof is in the use that is made. 80 % of people use Kinect, which is remarkable compared to the older generation. (...)

We were out of stock during the holidays season . I think it was a good decision (note: to integrate Kinect ) , but now is the right time to offer more choice to people who do not have the means to get that experience.

The future of Kinect being threatened now that the device is sold separately ? Publishers and developers do not they abandon the camera from Microsoft? "No" answers once again representative of Redmond :

I think in five years we will laugh any computing device that you could use without speaking to him . Voice Control will be present for all devices . We have been a pioneer in the living room with Kinect . And it is not that the voice is the voice and biometric identification. (...)

I must say that we made ​​this decision together with our publishers and partners. As you can imagine, we have strong relationships with them . We looked at the problem in the same way . We like Kinect, we love the way it works and its possibilities. At the same time , we also wanted a broader user base. Some games are articulate fully with Kinect and some are better when using Kinect, but you can also play properly without it. In each case , it is always the right choice.

To conclude, Yusuf Mehdi would have said the journalist Forbes now announcing the price reduction made, Microsoft would be able to focus on a Xbox One conference dedicated to games . For the record, the conference will be held June 9 in the preamble to E3

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