Friday, January 31

Kingdom Come: Deliverance confirmed on Xbox One

Good news for those waiting for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Xbox One: studio Warhorse was able to "clarify the situation with Microsoft regarding the distribution of the Xbox One of the game version. What makes that developers are able to formalize its future release on Xbox One. Main consequence of this agreement: Kickstarter donors (including the total will soon exceed the bar £ 600,000) will be able to choose a Xbox One (digital or digital version) version as a reward in the following cases:

Soldier, Knight: 1 license, digital copy (Win/Mac/Linux/Xone) OR physical copy (Win/Mac/Linux)
Baron, Viscount, Earl: 1 license, digital copy AND physical copy (Win/Mac/Linux/Xone/PS4)
Duke and all third higher: 2 licenses, 2 digital copies AND 1 physical copy (Win/Mac/Linux/Xone/PS4)

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