Friday, January 31

Xbox One: the console in the colours of Titanfall exists, but will not be marketed

Yesterday was rich in leaks all kinds concerning the Xbox One. One of them was the output of a console customized to the colors of the Titanfall game, some fans hoped. Unfortunately for them, Pete Dodd, known under the pseudonym FamousMortimer for its numerous leaks that are mostly found, revealed that the console exists, but will never be marketed because of additional costs that it would require.

According to Dodd, the person who has posted any leaks on the NeoGAF forum yesterday is certainly a former Microsoft employee eager to take revenge on his former employer, because information on the Xbox One Titanfall are accurate, but too old.

Yet once again, this information has absolutely nothing official, will therefore take it with the reserve that she deserves. But it seems that Pete Dodd sees just as Amazon now specifies that its Xbox One + Titanfall bundle contains a black console. Therefore, just the handle in the limited edition that will accompany the release of Titanfall March 13 on its output.

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