Thursday, January 30

Battlefield 4: one month of gifts to apologize

To thank the players for their patience against the many concerns of Battlefield 4, DICE will make various gestures for a month.

Last December, Dice announced the development of his FPS Battlefield 4 DLC pausing until the many concerns of the latter were not resolved. After several patches, the game seems better (less crasher in any case) but the developer has decided to make a gesture to players.

On his blog, Dice thank not only the players for their support and loyalty, but also announces the arrival of a thank-you in a somewhat more concrete form. From February 1, during one month, connected players will receive a Battlepack (bronze in silver at the weekend and week), as well as two shortcuts (four for Premium members) to unlock any grenades daily and all pistols of the base game.

In addition, a classic double XP weekend will be set up, in addition to that already provided for Premium players. Community missions will also be proposed. It's challenges to achieve as a team in order to win the Battlepack gold. The first mission will require, for example, to retrieve a number of plates in a while.

Finally, specific Dice always work on the improvement of the netcode and in February will be reinstated the feature Platoons with more social interaction between players.

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