Friday, January 31

A less expensive version of Xbox One year-end?

Certainly, cela leak from around the side of Redmond. After the recent leaks, here we learn through VG247 (via a reliable source) that a new Xbox One model will be sold before the end of this year. A new version that will be less expensive and which will likely cut some features. Our colleagues evoke the abandonment of the bluetooth adapter and the optical drive but specify that their source was not able to confirm this.

Thanks to this Xbox One "down range" (or Arcade to take over the appointment of the previous generation), the American automaker could align with the price of the PlayStation 4 or even aim for a price below€ 399.99. Whatever the case, it is certain that Microsoft should not appreciate these leaks - which serve it greatly in the case of the low-cost model - and it would seem that it is actively seeking to identify the author of these.

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