Thursday, January 30

A tournament online for the Kinect Sports Rivals preseason

You are part of the million players to have downloaded the Kinect Sports Rivals preseason? If you enjoy this demo, you'll be pleased to learn that an international online tournament will be put in place during the month of February. Indeed, it will be possible to compete in representing his country against players from around the world (Finally, only thirteen countries will be logically eligible). The winner country players will receive a sea scooter in the colors of their national flag.

At the end of the competition, the best player will also receive a sea scooter inlaid with gold and all those who will establish the best brand of their respective countries receive them, a sea scooter inlaid with silver. In addition, the daily challenges will be set up throughout the month in order to earn points and unlock prizes can be used in the final version of Kinect Sports Rivals

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