Thursday, January 30

Microsoft offers $ 100 to "ditch" your PS3 for an Xbox One

A lag in the charts, Microsoft seems to accelerate its communication in the United States to regain control with the Xbox One. The last operation date in May to talk about...

The message of this campaign of emailing deployed currently in the USA is abundantly clear:

Ditch your PS3 and get $ 100.

Microsoft is therefore not by 4 paths to encourage players to leave the PlayStation universe to succumb to the next gen of the Xbox One charms. It should be noted that the deal is possible in Microsoft shops... and to the United States, for the moment at least.

May be however argued that even with these $ 100 reduction, the purchase of an Xbox One returns to that of a PS4 ($399)... while keeping his PS3. For a punch offering, we will therefore already seen more punchy...

[Source: The Verge]

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