Saturday, March 29

Microsoft: U.S. giant buys patents reality headset augmented for 100 to 150 million dollars

All eyes turned to the acquisition of the company at the origin of the Oculus Rift by Facebook and the Sony Project Morpheus, but Microsoft is also preparing his secret project. Indeed, the firm bought six patents of real projects and seventy-five other less successful, all about augmented reality glasses.

It is therefore on January 17 that all these patents were reassigned to Microsoft, according to an anonymous source, the total cost would amount to 100 / $ 150 million. One of the patent refers to glasses with transparent glasses, equipped with an embedded processor that will be used to project an image on a surface or lenses. This would allow the person who carries them to visualize different information about what surrounds it. Another patent refers to what resembles a watch that would control the content displayed through these glasses.

Another prototype developed by Osterhout has a processor with multiple cores working (for now) with a customized Android OS. It integrates the Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and inertial sensors to measure the movement and position, as well as two HD 3D displays.

It is now almost sure that Microsoft is developing its own system of augmented reality glasses, it only remains for us to know if it will be integrated into the Xbox program and thus compatible with our gaming consoles, or if it will be a Department apart created to compete with the Google Glass.

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