Monday, March 31

Xbox One: news on internal Microsoft content very soon

Recently, Phil Spencer revealed that the 90 minutes allotted for the conference at E3 would not be sufficient as the number of games and content coming to Xbox One important. It is therefore possible that Microsoft Studios present their plans a little earlier than planned in order to leave more room for its partners in the high mass video game in Los Angeles. 

At first, Phil Spencer announced on his Twitter account that the last two weeks were devoted to "internal content" and promises very "soon" news. 
  1. @XboxP3 Any encouraging words for Xbox One owners right now? You are a gamer, give us something to be excited about without getting in troub
@BobFTW14 Without sharing too much I'll just say been focused on a lot of internal work stuff last couple of weeks, you'll hear more soon.
In a second time, he said that for the third game publishers, it was not until E3. 
  1. @XboxP3 CoD is great and all, big for Xbox but will we get some <3 with other 3rd parties? @Ubisoft @Bungie? Any new upcoming partnerships?
@BobFTW14 @Ubisoft @Bungie Any news on third party relationships would have to come at E3.
So we should have some juicy information about the future of our consoles before June. What do you see from Microsoft

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