Sunday, March 30

The video games make more and more stupid

This makes long that many studies are made on the effects of video games. These studies contradict the common place, that is to say that they abrutissent our golden youth which turns many more recreational and intellectual activities such as tuning, the collection of firearms, comparative study of urban drug, or sexual intercourse in a meeting. He is notorious that there is much more stimulated by a video game when it is slumped in the couch watching ' most beautiful life "or"wheel of fortune ".
When looking at the TV, it makes no effort, is passive, it undergoes the choices that are made, and it therefore encourages our brain to laziness. It is high time to redo these studies, because it is obvious that with the new generations of consoles or new cards graphics for PC, coupled with the manner in which are made the games today, the results are very likely to be different.
Thus, video games traditionally stimulate the imagination of the players. Indeed, to feel empathy with the described universe, the player mentally translated what of imperfect figuration and projected a coherent universe complementing what is not, or misrepresented onscreen. The higher the graphic level, furthermore there a photo-realistic rendering, and furthermore there a complete environment. The brain of the player does so more effort, and found a well as flat as facing a viewing of 'Jos├ęphine ange gardien ". Have therefore moved thinking and some thanks for those, fortunately still many who deliver games including the Visual difference remains low compared with the titles of 2 years ago on the old systems. It is only that the brains of players remain active that Call of Duty Ghosts, for example, shows so little graphic progress.
Similarly, the brain completes the animation steps that are not represented on the screen. This is also the case when we look at the television or when we go to the cinema. The latter being projected at 24 frames per second, the brain does a steady job and 'imagine' the intermediate stages, giving the whole a natural fluidity. In current video games, these are 30 to 60 frames per second that are displayed. The conclusion is logically no appeal: video games make it more stupid than the cinema. The animation is thinning, you can even add more and more stupid. Logical consequence of this obvious deduction, the PS4 is seems more efficient to display of 60 fps, PS4 players are more stupid than players who have an Xbox One. By modesty be avoided to talk about those who have PC competition, as it would be necessarily unfairly severe, as if their brain works very little when they play, they compensate by engaging in an intellectual activity abandoned by other: tuning. This is not on a car, but good, even on a computer, it already.
Finally, the argument to say that with a game video is not passive him also tends to be less and less true. Final Fantasy paved the way with these long cutscenes, sometimes in full action, which have blown more neurons than "New York Special Unit. These games with not much game inside were not very numerous in the past, which therefore did not affect the outcome of the studies, but today it is a standard. During this time it does nothing. Expected. Before Derrick. In Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero, cutscenes represent almost 20% of the story. When in addition we know that the game is 60 fps... Fortunately, the graphics are not perfect, that the brain is still a bit of work to provide.
Friends readers, so be very careful. If this is good from time to time to put her brain on off playing games today, if you want to keep an alert mind, don't forget to compensate reconnecting your PS1, your Sega Genesis or limit your first Xbox.

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