Monday, March 31

Xbox One: soon ads Microsoft and third parties to the E3 2014

The period of spring is regularly conducive to ads with online focus E3 2014 to complete the ball.
Phil Spencer is entrusted on Twitter from a user that raised it the question of whether ads would soon be made. Therefore, Spencer responded that advertisements should arrive in a few weeks from Microsoft internal studios.

  1. @XboxP3 Any encouraging words for Xbox One owners right now? You are a gamer, give us something to be excited about without getting in troub
@BobFTW14 Without sharing too much I'll just say been focused on a lot of internal work stuff last couple of weeks, you'll hear more soon.

Following this response, another question came about possible ads with the third-party publishers. Phil Spencer said that ads with third party publishers would be made during the E3 2014.

  1. @XboxP3 CoD is great and all, big for Xbox but will we get some <3 with other 3rd parties? @Ubisoft @Bungie? Any new upcoming partnerships?
@BobFTW14 @Ubisoft @Bungie Any news on third party relationships would have to come at E3.
It is hoped previous editions as well as the Microsoft ads will be crispy these next few weeks, especially when the PAX East in mid-April, where the manufacturer is regularly present.
This promises an exciting E3 2014, and a reminder that we will be present on site to relay you the lesser info around on Xbox and Xbox environment.

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