Thursday, February 27

Stephen Elop to the Xbox division head

The information is known since the day before yesterday, that is, as prospective, Stephen Elop, which replaces the interim Julie Larson-Greene (which, itself, had replaced Don Mattrick advantage to reach the Presidency of Zynga seven months ago) as strongman of the Xbox division. Specifically, the former CEO of Nokia is now at the head of the division Devices & Studios that manages commodity hardware from Microsoft including the Windows Phone, Tablet Surface but also gaming consoles and Xbox.

Irony of fate: the Xbox division was precisely a sector that the gentleman wanted to get rid (as well as the Bing search engine) when he was still a candidate for the replacement of Steve Ballmer (this was finally Satya Nadella, who was chosen). Therefore, what about his appointment to the flagship post? His first steps in his new suit will be in any case monitored closely!

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