Thursday, February 27

Update March of the Xbox One detailed on video

Major Nelson, Xbox Live responsible questions trap Richard irving, one of the leaders the next update of the platform inge online the Xbox one. And including the next update of March. The tot on video, for more clarity.

Update March of the Xbox One will be indeed, shortly before the arrival of Titanfall, for the 13th of the same month. In addition to the live streaming, arriving for their March 11, everything is taking place to accommodate clientele this famous update.

In the program, as you know without doubt, but in the case where, for latecomers, quite a lot of things improved. We had already given them this address, but for slackers, here am, as if by magic, on this page:

Access simplified the list of friends: the friends list will be at the centre of the page of the friends application. It is sufficient to press the Home button on the joystick or saying "Xbox, go to friends ' to access. On this menu, it will be possible to send messages or joining a group.
Improvements in groups of friends: when you will join a group of friends, audio chat will be automatically enabled while currently, you need to enable it manually.
The opportunity to discuss with your friends playing different games: Group of friends will be separated from players who playing your game. So, you can talk to your friends online, or to all those who play the same game as you.
Adding the option 'Invite your friends in game': as previously on #Xbox360, the option will be more simple and accessible more quickly for the invitations.
The addition of recent players: as on Xbox 360, the list of the last players on Xbox Live will be available.
Short, on video, it's even more telling, then you do not pray...

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