Friday, February 28

Xbox One: the notification of an online friend arrives in April

For a next updateWhile the update that improves the groups and friends list happens in early March, can confirm you that it will not propose the establishment of a notification of an online friend. But one learns, via Twitter, that this famous notification goes well arrive in a next update of the Xbox One in the month of April.

@crecenteb great article! We won't have friends online notifications in March. Want to get it just right. Next update 
  1. @notwen Ah, so no toasts at all this time around, or just Twitch toasts?
@crecenteb yup -- twitch broadcasting toasts from your fav's yes -- but not friends online. that will be next month..

  1. @notwen next month April? (we're technically in Feb still)
@crecenteb yes, I should say "the next update after March" :)

This declaration came via the Polygon article on the Twitch application since the latter will offer notifications from your friends Twitch.
Will have to wait a bit to get this functionality yet so obvious but which disappeared on the new generation of consoles since the PS4 did not propose either...

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