Tuesday, December 30

Xbox One: Microsoft improves performance of eSRAM

Microsoft decided to settle for GDDR3 and eSRAM in order to handle its high-end graphics, although in the most recent update to its SDK, it was mentioned that the eSRAM that is within the Xbox One has received a performance improvement.

Maciej Binkowski of Dying Light has confirmed the improvements to the Xbox One’s eSRAM module, mentioning, “The new API allows you to do a lot more with the ESRAM, things devs have always wanted to do but were not easily accessible. This together with better tools (PIX) allowed us to really improve performance and tweak ESRAM usage”.

The updates to the Xbox One SDK as well as other small improvements for developer tools will aid future games in achieving the best possible visual and playable results on Xbox One. It is expected that, sometime in 2015, Microsoft will push out a DirectX 12 update to the Xbox One, which should help with cross-platform development and potentially improve the performance of the Xbox One.
Source: Gamingbolt

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