Tuesday, December 30

Windows 10: Microsoft is working on a new web browser " Spartan"

Microsoft is working on its new Windows 10 operating system and its new features, including the new web browser. The Spartan project will use the  JavaScript Chackra and Trident technologies. The web browser has also been modified, making it closer to Google Chrome and Firefox. Finally, it will support  extensions.

Moving to a new browser, and not just a new version of IE, could help to bring the web to treat Microsoft more equitably as well as upgrading it to a faster, more lightweight, more standards compliant browser.  A "dual browser" solution could solve compatibility problems for Microsoft, while allowing it to move forward more quickly for sites that offer the latest in web standards.

The new web browser should be presented when Windows 10 event to be held on 21 January. However, it is possible that Spartan is absent PCs and mobile versions of Windows Consumer Preview 10 because of its instability, and he finally makes its appearance later.

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