Tuesday, December 30

Xbox Live: the Network Creator, Boyd Multerer, leaves Microsoft

The name of Boyd Multerer is not known to the public or the Xbox community, but the man is neither more nor less than the founders of Xbox Live and XNA, which is a tool to facilitate the development on Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows. At the time, both designs have positioned the Xbox 360 as a strong alternative to the Sony machine (PS3) with one hand, a reliable network and secondly, openness to independent development on consoles salon.

After more than 18 year career at Microsoft, Mr. Multerer decided to move on and announced his departure from the company.

After nearly two decades, fatigue often sets in and a desire for change is felt, what Mr. Multerer expressed in his message on twitter. Despite the issues some users, Mr. Multerer has not disclosed what he was going to spend his free time now. Perhaps a certain Japanese company could use its experience and expertise in networking?

Goodbye Microsoft. It was a good run. Xbox was Great! Time to do something new.

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