Saturday, November 29

Why has Microsoft bought Minecraft?

You couldn't miss this news, dating of a little more than two months ago. Microsoft bought Mojang, creator of Minecraft and of euh let's see pooh creator of Minecraft and it is already rather well, for 2,5 billion American dollars. In euro, this gives 2 billions. Mr Microsoft, nice morning, realized that he was 2 billion euro to be slammed before the fence of the budget of the ongoing year. A meeting in the summit was organized to decide on the fact that they are going to make it. The camera of security being piloted under Windows Vista, a fault of security allowed us to recover pictures. Readers of Xboxygen, you have the right to know the truth. Story in the conditions of the live broadcasting.

The first minutes are very calm, the time when everybody digests news, and imagines what really mean words «two comma five billion dollars». The first to launch recalls shyly a double idea having consulted his calculating machine. This sum would allow to speed up studies necessary for the perfecting of a vaccine against Ébola, what should allow to save thousands, or even hundreds of thousand lives. Its other idea that he debits with the feverish haste of creation consists of a donation to the Restaurants of the Heart, this sum covering necessary expenses to feed all winter long more than 22 million persons in a country of Occident, undoubtedly widely double in a country of Third World. Everybody looks at him with round eyes, even when he argues slightly that it would give a superb picture of the firm. Very calmly, a high man points to him out that concerned people, that it is the poor people who are famished or those who die with diseases, have no means to pay products Microsoft, and therefore no interest. Then, also calmly, he asks that stupidity and stupid proposals are stopped: 2,5 billions, this has to be nevertheless of use for something. They could use it for example to make a media blow or simply to have a good time, because after everything they deserve it well.

When it is a matter to amuse, John, the last isn't. Very quickly he offers to organize a huge fine part by "inviting « 4 million luxury prostitutes for the biggest never made orgy. Doug objects that it will need to be able to stand, and offers therefore to study the budget better. About millions to privatize a whole building, millions to dress him in the colors of Microsoft, about millions for the food, and only 2 millions of prostituted men and women in 500€, supplemented by 15 tons of coke so that everybody has form. Idea is discussed for a long time and seems on the point to be adopted when they realize suddenly that they speak about illegal activities. Disappointment is read on all faces, a pause is decreed.

Some minutes later meeting resumes and a new topic is approached: create a huge vehicle of communication for Microsoft in Europe to earn market shares. The first suggestion is to buy 150 000 Clio and floquer from the colors of Xbox. These automobiles would be given and it would be possible to benefit from a tremendous advertizing. Idea is quickly left, result not being considered rather spectacular. Bob suggests then buying 22 Airbuses A320; this, this would look like a million. Idea makes its path, then evolves a bit. As long as to buy airplanes, so much to take Gusts, it would be possible to buy about twenty, this makes noise, they would speak about it everywhere, and on top of that, if necessary, it would leave the possibility of notable actions of communication, as attack bolchéviques for example. While everybody gets ready to vote for this solution, Brenda points out shyly that she thinks that various and various international agreements and local laws won't undoubtedly allow that private combat aircrafts could fly above the territories of these countries. After a new pause and some researches, the group really discovers that, even if they are American, they don't have the right to make all that is wanted. They also discover that Europe isn't a country but full of small countries, all with full of complicated rules. Idea is left.

The participants of meeting begin being tired. They dig still a bit the idea of searching a tool of communication for Europe. Somebody recalls the possibility of giving a packet in all European of 500gr of M&M' s. 260 million kg, it is completely possible with the available envelope. Again they move back, for fear of being kept representative further to impossible to miss allergies in the peanuts which it is going to cause. Bored, Doug offers that these debates are stopped, and that they content themselves with buying gold ingots. 65 500 ingots of 1 kg, to be definite. To have so much gold, this would really be the class, on one hand, but in more the increase in request is going to make take prices up, what will allow a nice worth to the resale. John points out that they will then be even richer and that the problem of the way of spending this money won't be resolved. He goes on by suggesting buying back the club of soccer of Meudon, Messi and some others, to earn the Champions League against Bayern. The time when Meudon arrives in League 1 then in finale of the Champions League is the reason which made that this very good idea isn't kept.

Since nothing walks at the level of communication, a new track is then searched: act directly on the market to distort it and to push Xbox One on the front of the stage. They think of buying and of distributing free 6 million consoles. All at once Xbox One would come back at the level of PS4, and indirectly sales of games would allow to recover funds on long term. Idea is good, but Dick finds that «it is really too much shame». They still leave. Linda has another suggestion: buy 6 million PS4, and destroy them discreetly. Sony will communicate on the incredible success, the editors will fit and produce heaps of games to pervade the linear, and all industry of game will have to manage millions of unsold games. Furious, they will bear a grudge in Sony, denigrate him, and return towards Xbox One. This plan, good that interesting, is considered too crafty and uncertain.

Billy's idea is immediately retoquée. He suggests that each 10 independent developers is financed at the level of 250 million dollars to give them the means to take out so much titles AAA of big class. Anything this Billy! Use the available cash to create new games! But of what he thinks!

After several hours, it is finally Srella who finds the solution, displayed very simply.

« Misters - ladies, we are 2,5 billion dollars which we want to spend, and they aren't known how. It is well it?» General acquiescence.

« We can't sell more Xbox One than PS4, you agree?» Again, the assembly acquiesces in silence.

« How would be possible guarantee us a media blow matched by a pretty commercial operation, it is really there question». Irritation begins being read on faces.

« Pooh it is very simple, let's see! It is enough to sell our games on PS4! Take a big sale to Sony, type, I know not me... Minecraft. They rachete that the license, and all those who play on Playstation in Minecraft will give us from now on some money to make it!!! And in more they will promote that the rare players Xbox by offering them of DLC exclusive who will make greens of jealousy others, type DLC star Wars for example.»

Somebody in assistance dares to raise the finger. «It is not a bit expensive, 2.5 Billions for a game of Lego?»

Srella leans lasciviously towards the individual and looks up and him down with contempt. "But not my baby Burt. This shows to an arrogant Japanese at the edge of bankruptcy that to us, it is possible to take the liberty of dropping the GDP of oriental Africa only to play in Lego. that's right, the true power, even better than GDDR5. And then it isn't paid a lot for the pleasure of making money thanks to our rival, no?»

After some seconds of silence, a thunder of applauses blares, and Bob is heard to murmur “of blow I am going to take it on PS4, I wanted it in 1080p and 60 fps.”

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