Saturday, November 29

Microsoft: "we have huge plans for next year"

There are a few days, Microsoft celebrated with great pomp the first anniversary of its new console . The computer giant also wanted to reward the very first owners of Xbox One by offering the game Limbo, and many other surprises.

Now, fans are wondering what Microsoft has planned for the coming year, hoping with all my heart to make available new exclusives. Thus Aaron Greenberg, director of marketing for Xbox Games, wanted to reassure owners of Xbox One saying on Twitter:

  1. @aarongreenberg Aaron we are constantly hearing rumors that MS has no games in the pipeline to compete with Sony in early 2015-true or false
@sergeantnorider we have huge plans for next year. Team is working hard to keep bringing more exclusives and great games lineup.

These words resonate with those of Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, which promises a fall 2015 madness. Hopefully Microsoft will soon share his new projects with the rest of the community.

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