Monday, October 27

Xbox sales: 102% increase in the first quarter

If the Xbox One always difficult to compete with the PS4 in terms of sales in the world, the US, the ratio is a little different. If it still sells less than its competitor, it still made a nice score in the first quarter. 
Thus, during the first fiscal quarter of the firm, closed on September 30, the turnover of Microsoft rose 25% to $ 23.2 billion. 

A net increase in CA so compared to last year over the same period, mainly due to sales of its Xbox consoles (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), the 28 new markets where the newest of the company is recently arrived, generating a 102% increase in sales compared to last year. 

In total, the figure of 2.4 million Xbox consoles sold on this period is advanced, without specifying from Xbox and Xbox One. 

Sales of the tablet surface are also a credit to this good result, with no less than 908 million dollars in revenue, mainly due to the Pro 3 Surface, against 400 million last year. 

According to VGChartz, it is up to date 6 million Xbox One in the world, against 12 million PS4.

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