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Around the world of stors : comparison of prices, Who wants the best deal?

As you all know, Microsoft had planned in its initial project, we propose a fully connected and Xbox One Full-Dematerialised including the Family Sharing (who was to share his dematerialized games nine members of his 'family' ). 

But all this with some pretty negative as you know (obligation to connect every 24 hours, resale physical play only in authorized stores, for example) and facing popular discontent point, Microsoft has had to revise its copy, changing A to Z (almost) the orientation of its console. 

But we are not here to give you a history lesson on changes in the US manufacturer, but to stay on the cloud part, because yes Microsoft has not completely forgotten this system, especially the Family Sharing project is still by Spencer Phil. 

In effect, the Xbox One is Region Free: This means that it can read any version of the game, but also (and this is the purpose of the article), we can change the region when we wish. Thus, our console can pass from the French region in the US region, for example with simple changes in parameters (coupled to a restart). 

This allows access to foreign stores as the US market for example and benefit from the price of the latter (although better than the French store via the conversion rate $ / €, without forgetting that the base rate will be around 59 , $ 99 on the US store against € 69.99 on the french store for new products). But what if the US store was not the cheapest? Indeed, the Canadian store also plays in the big leagues (with a slight advantage over its neighbor) and also recently Hong Kong, but it is now joined by a whole new market that offers better prices sometimes (yes possible): Indian Store which we will add the Hungarian market has some significant advantages. 

Since it is obvious that the numbers speak more than words, here is a comparison of the French market, American, Canadian and Hong Kong and now Indian (even if all the games are not present due to the recent availability of Stores - part of the New Territories in September, however they will fill in as :

* The prices are in green.
** The prices are so good in red.
*** This comparison does not include taxes and promotions.

Finally, it is necessary to clarify that any game purchased on a foreign store is always downloaded from the French store if present on it, so the game will be entirely in French.

Note: It is necessary to remember that this maneuver is not without risk since 'ing' on our contact (unless you really have a foothold in these countries). That said, it should also be remembered that the rezoning is one of the promises of Microsoft following his 180 last year. Not to mention that the thing is already in place well before the release of the Xbox One on the Windows Store for Windows 8 as you can see here. To you to weigh the pros and cons before you start. Nevertheless, many people took advantage of this rezoning and, since the launch of the console, without the slightest concern. 

Note of 27 October 2014: you may have noticed that many stores do not pass purchase from home (India and Hong Kong in particular). Microsoft has not decided to communicate about it (closing purchases abroad), we can imagine that it is: 

  • a computer concern (after all, why not just bum all the blinds if the purchase via overseas is impossible? The Japanese and Chinese stores are blocked after all, why not others?) 
  • a decision by Microsoft to counter the very advantageous exchange rates without talking formally to not suffer a revolt by the players. 

Xboxforsale can not assure you if the problem is temporary or if it's a real decision Microsoft, we prefer to advise you not to force a passage through VPN or other software, lest your Microsoft expects to have a few problems (caution is the mother of safety).

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