Monday, October 27

The outputs, Xbox one and Xbox 360 of the week

This is a big week with lots of attractions on Xbox One particular with Microsoft exclusivity.

NBA LIVE 15. Released October 30th on Xbox One 
In brief: The series of basketball at EA Sports returns for the new NBA season with an over worked as gameplay realism. It should be very hard to cope with NBA 2K15 that reigns in recent years on consoles. The game is available in demo via EA Access 6am.

The Walking Dead.Released October 30th on Xbox One 
In brief: The first season of play in the game episodic format The Walking Dead arrives on Xbox One version box and you can live this harrowing adventure if you have not had the opportunity to do so on the previous generation.

  The Walking Dead Season 2 Released October 30th on Xbox One 
In short: The second season of The Walking Dead also arrives on Xbox One version box to live the events that always announce palpitants.L'action also takes place a few months after the first season and our beloved Clementine should live again full of emotions following your choices.  


Sunset Overdrive. Released October 31 on Xbox One 
In short: This is an exclusive Xbox One game and it promises big delusion. Developed by Insomniacs, we embark on a colorful environment with many enemies galore with whom we can eliminate unorthodox way ... Note that the game is also available bundled with the Xbox White One.  

WWE 2K15. Released October 31 on Xbox One 
In brief: Wrestling still fat rage on consoles and the WWE series does not hesitate to give us a very complete game for fans of the sport. This new album features loaded with the presence of many stars who are ready to jump off the top rope content.
Lords of the Fallen. Released October 31 on Xbox One 
In short: Lords of the Fallen is an action / RPG game with a battle system mqui ELE a wide selection of weapons to a range of magical powers and spells. It embodies Harkyn, a man tormented by his conscience bad past actions that make him the only person who can save the world from eternal darkness. The idea of ​​a rebellion against a hostile force, and the hope that is born of the most unexpected form the backbone of this epic tale in a fantasy world.

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