Tuesday, October 28

Battlefield 5 not until 2016 according to analysts

While there is no doubt that the Battlefield series sooner or later give birth to a fifth episode, it should not happen before 2016 indicated the Stern Agee analyst firm. The reasons given by these analysts are diverse. First, Electronic Arts would leave a little rest the franchise, while three episodes have been developed in a relatively short period of time. Then, the publisher would be very confident about the potential for another of his babies, Star Wars Battlefront, which should arrive in 2015 and complete the current EA crates.

Finally, Stern Agee believes that the development of Battlefield 5 will take the time necessary to avoid Battlefield 4 has long been weighed down by technical problems syndrome. All these suppositions therefore accréditeraient output for the year 2016 even if the publisher never contacted about it, or even mentioned the existence of the game.

Meanwhile, it is not a number you play Battlefield early 2015, as the next installment of the saga will respond on behalf of Hardline, and will honor police. But in the end, what you expect from a Battlefield 5?

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