Monday, April 28

Xbox One: Microsoft may stop (temporarily) the manufacture of its consoles

At the end of April, most businesses close their quarterly balance sheet and thus yield some interesting results. Microsoft has of course no exception to this rule.

If financially the company pulls out of the game, however it seems that the Xbox One is not rosy. After announcing 5 million consoles shipped to dealers, Microsoft has revealed in its balance sheet only 1.2 million units were sold in the quarter ( January 1 to March 31). Although the first week of launch and the Christmas period generally represent many sales that are not included here ( more than 3 million to believe Microsoft) , traders still have large stocks in their reserves.

Confirming that a hint , Amy Hood, CFO of Microsoft, announced that the company will " continue on a part of its stocks " on the next quarter. This can be interpreted by a pause of production in order to sell the remaining surplus and allow everyone to make an inventory of the remaining parts .

Besides that , the production will have to soon start over again with the release of the console in various countries, including Japan. For the record, the newest Microsoft is only available in 13 countries now and still has everything to prove. It is therefore not draw hasty conclusions about its current status .

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