Wednesday, April 30

Skype: group calls, free on Xbox One, PC and Mac

The Skype application is available on Xbox One since the release of the console in November last year, but to receive group calls, should pay €4.99 per month to unlock this feature. Only Gold of Xbox Live subscribers were able to enjoy free video group, since this service was offered them for 6 months.

Now, no need to proceed to checkout, group calls are free for owners of Xbox One, as for those of PC or Mac. This will therefore discuss up to ten simultaneous unrestricted platform. Indeed, with your console you can talk with your correspondents, regardless of their favorite machine. In addition, thanks to the camera and the microphone of Kinect, you can participate in visio-conferences without the need of a helmet.

How about you? Do you already use Skype on Xbox One to communicate with your friends?

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