Monday, April 28

Michael Pachter: "If there is a PS4 $ 349, Microsoft will have a real problem"

While Michael Pachter, the famous analyst for Wedbush Securities, we love to hate, banked heavily on the Xbox One before the disastrous communication from Microsoft, the latter returns today a little his jacket.

In an interview with GamingBold, he said that it will be difficult for Microsoft to release his pack with One Xbox Kinect: "I don't think it necessary to argue about the weakness of the number of Microsoft First-Party games, because most games Sony's First Party who are seen as successes are not huge sales. I think that eventually, the Xbox One to succeed, Kinect must be separated, and I think that it could be difficult, because there are a lot of things that use the hardware where everything is integrated, and this could not work".

Pachter also adds that if Sony decides to lower the price of its console, Microsoft would end up potentially in a delicate position: "but I think that you'll probably a console redesigned in 2015 that does not include Kinect and that would accelerate the process if Sony drops the price of its PS4: If a PS4 $ 349 (€349) on the market.Microsoft will have a real problem. He will have to do something, and he must do it quickly. I think that in 2015, you'll see a PS4 to $349, and a decoupled One Xbox's Kinect, and if you see both for $349, the client wins, and both machines will sell very well. Microsoft does not seek to lose this round.

What do you think? Are you his opinion?

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