Monday, December 30

Battlefield 4 banned in China because it threatens national security

While many players around the world already enjoy Battlefield 4 for several months, the title of DICE is still not available in China. And today we learned that the game is simply prohibited on the territory because of the DLC "China Rising" .

Indeed , the government announced the ban on gambling on its soil because it " threaten national security" , and also represent a form of cultural invasion ... Simply put, you should know that the China Rising DLC takes place in 2020 in China , while Admiral Chang wants to overthrow the government .

Obviously, this is not the taste of local authorities, and as often, the government is not in half measures and prefers to simply ban the game was also not yet available.

Finally, note that " Zhandia4 " ( the Chinese name for Battlefield 4) is now censored on Chinese search engines , as well as on the Weibo social network. If ever you live in China , however, know that it should work if you are looking for information related to the keyword "Battlefield " ...

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