Monday, December 30

Xbox One in Japan in 2014, Microsoft agreed to do

Microsoft recently held a party in Japan, in honor of the Xbox 360. In addition to the beautiful cake made for the event and maids came put smiles on the mouths of the male, it was an opportunity for the U.S. giant to take on the Xbox One. To date, the new console generation has not really been formalized in the archipelago, while Sony Computer Entertainment released its PlayStation 4 February 22, 2014.

The fact that the Xbox One was postponed in several Western countries does not really bode launch insured in 2014 in Japan. However, Microsoft, through Takashi Sensui, said his team were committed to putting the machine of players next year. In the end, it is likely that the company will tackle Asia in the coming months as China should also be served in 2014

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