Tuesday, October 21

Xbox One: Update November, information about the content

Major Nelson has just revealed the contents of the update in November of Xbox One, which began to be deployed today and those who are part of the preview program. 

  • Customization of backgrounds: The query number one fan finally arrives with the ability to change the wallpaper of the Xbox Dashboard One. It can be imported via the Media Player image, a single color, or even a successful artwork. 
  • Player profile: Ability to add location and bio to their profile, just like what we had on Xbox 360 Adding a showcase that offers six locations where one can view the success of which is is most proud or video clips recorded via DVR Games. 
  • Twitter integration for Game Clips: From the sharing option, it will be possible to publish his videos directly on Twitter. 
  • Trending Live TV: Right now reserved for our American friends, Canadian and English, Trending Live TV will know what the 20 most popular TV programs for us to watch. This filter will be updated every minute. This update will also give the opportunity to see what the most discussed on Twitter programs. Tweets can even be displayed directly via the MiniGuide. MiniGuide who suffer also improved with the addition of a favorites section to find out what program we recently looked. A voice activation will also be there. 
  • Improved SMARTGLASS: The pages will be displayed faster filters make it easier to find what you are looking for, the interactions between the Store and Xbox SmartGlass One will be more numerous. Adding a "coming soon" section to easily see what happens soon on Xbox One. 
  • Improvement of Internet Explorer, and preview application. Now, members who take the time to participate in surveys will gain more points and will be able to easily compare with their friends. 

Since a video is worth a long series of words:

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